The 8 Most Entertaining Science and Tech Podcasts

The 8 Most Entertaining Science and Tech Podcasts

The Internet contains millions of great audio content to listen to. It’s often a good idea to go back to listening to podcasts. This article lists 8 of the best podcasts that give updates on recent innovations, product reviews, expert opinions, with mixed-in entertainment you may enjoy on your next jog.

Entertaining Science and Tech Podcasts Worth Tuning In

The Full Nerd

Building PCs for beginners can be difficult and once they get past the barrier of complicated setups, they find ways to kill their time. They could have given up on games or simply want more of the pleasure out of building PCs. One of the best podcasts to listen to would be “The Full Nerd.

The Full Nerd is all about hardware and anything related to building, choosing, or making the best PC there is. It covers topics ranging from the best processors to use, why thermal paste can slow down or speed up the performance of a computer, to what games your graphics card can handle. 


Coder Radio

This podcast explores the software development industry, coding apps and programs, and anything related to programming. The podcast also gives insights on how to code better, and which people need what software or apps.

The show also discusses the more serious side of software development. If entrepreneurs are looking into software territory, Coder Radio may give some idea on the processes involved in developing programs and what software developers actually do.


Smashing Security

In relation to Coder Radio, businesses will also find Smashing Security a very entertaining take on cybersecurity. Winner of 2018’s Best Security Podcast, Smashing Security scores a high 4.6 out of 5 in the Apple Podcast store. 

The hosts talk about hacking, cybercrimes, and how technology has taken on the most important role in privacy. The information is presented in an almost comedic way and can be a good introduction to the world of cybersecurity. The presentation is easy to understand and is suitable for anyone interested in privacy and security.


Cyberwire’s Hacking Humans

This vertical on the Cyberwire podcast website is all about how technology and humanity interact. Hacking Humans is a podcast similar to Smashing Security but with more emphasis on the activities of users that leave them vulnerable to the wide and dangerous jungle that is the internet. It discusses things like proprietorship of passwords in a EULA, how even the most encrypted messaging services have simple vulnerabilities.

Listening to this podcast may scare individuals who give utmost importance to their data, but it’s worth a listen as the hosts give tips on how to retain privacy in the age where everything can be accessed.


Should This Exist

This podcast is more of what-if scenarios. It’s not focused on a specific tech niche but rather focused on technological applications. The show has colorful depictions of scenarios that seem out-of-this-world but reflect current social perceptions about technology.

It’s a light-hearted approach on the dark side of technology, and our sensitivities to change. It includes topics ranging from technological processes and applications related to food and health, and to topics like travel, communication, and robotics. Each episode is unique and listeners will be hooked for more fresh angles for discussion.


The Infinite Monkey Cage

BBC’s The Infinite Monkey Cage is highly theoretical and may not be as practical as other podcasts on this list but it’s one of the most entertaining podcasts to listen to. It’s a breath of fresh air to listen to literal out-of-this-world topics as The Infinite Monkey Cage discusses topics on science and technology, with the addition of aliens, space-faring civilizations, and how to farm suns.

It also has episodes dedicated to analyzing science and technology, history’s role in shaping the future of technology and humanity, and doesn’t shy away from humble topics like how flies keep the rest of the world population drowning in its own stinky byproducts.


Floor 9

People interested in the dynamics of culture and technology should listen to Floor 9 podcasts. The hosts give light to how technology can give birth to a new culture and vice versa. Floor 9 also discusses topics about consumer behavior and the tech and media industry, with more emphasis on the latter.

Floor 9 provides new and updated knowledge on social media technologies and their relevance in a world where appearances are used to full efficiency. The show has regular guests from various media companies and tech startups that give their opinion on current tech trends.


Pivot Podcast

For a business-focused tech podcast, Pivot is a good source of entertainment and information. Show hosts Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway discuss the minglings of tech, business, and politics and how this affects individuals.

This podcast is on the high-speed lane so listeners may have to indulge themselves first in easier-to-digest podcasts like the ones outlined before this. It’s a good podcast though and the topics are always related to current business and tech trends for major companies.


A lot more podcasts exist on the Internet and these are just some introductory podcasts on tech. They’re highly entertaining and are healthier distractions. Getting entertained and educated doesn’t have to require your eyes to be fixed on a screen the whole day. is a digital lifestyle publication that covers the culture of startups and technology companies in Los Angeles. It is the go-to site for people who want to keep up with what matters in Los Angeles’ tech and startups from those who know the city best.

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