Cylance is Revolutionizing Cybersecurity With AI Based Solutions

Cylance is Revolutionizing Cybersecurity With AI Based Solutions

Cybersecurity is one of the most complicated problems that everyone has to face right now because we all use computers. Businesses need to protect their computers to secure their data and to keep their operations running smoothly, and even homeowners can afford to have their PCs hacked. Yet most cheap security solutions are woefully inadequate, as they don’t employ the necessary technology to keep up with the ever more advanced threat.

Cylance brings the most modern technological tools into this fight to give their clients a chance to remain safe in the face of cyber threats. It’s a visionary in the cybersecurity sector, as this company was the first to actually employ tools such as machine learning, algorithmic science, and AI into combating cyber threats. Their methodology enables their clients to go beyond passive defense and to become more proactive in their approach.

Cylance offers a consultancy service to help your company protect your computer network from threats, and they can respond to any emergency quickly. They also offer several security products that you can use on your own. The foundation of these products is the Cylance Protect, with its AI arming your defense to fight off the cyber threats.

Protect doesn’t act like traditional antivirus programs. It doesn’t rely on standard methods such as reputation lookups, signatures, and the cloud. In many ways, these methods can easily be fooled. What Protect uses are the advanced and more reliable tools, such as machine learning, algorithmic science, and artificial intelligence.


These advanced tools make Protect completely predictive. It prevents problems from getting into the system in the first place. It’s a big difference from the traditional approach of antivirus programs, which rely more on detecting a problem that’s already there before they respond.

With Cylance and platforms such as Protect, you come out ahead. It minimizes the costs that result from system downtime, and it even reduces system resource consumption and event alerts. Your business will run much more smoothly, and your data remains secure.

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