How to Use A/B Testing for Your Marketing

How to Use A/B Testing for Your Marketing

You have the best product possible or perhaps the best kind of service available for your specific industry or niche. Your operations are sailing smoothly and you have tweaked your product or service to the point that it is already the best in the market. You have toiled and given blood sweat and tears to reach the level of quality where you are right now, and you are now ready to tackle the dog-eat-dog world of business. But there is one problem that comes to stop you in your tracks, and that is the problem of proper marketing, specifically the choice of your marketing material.

A Beginner’s Guide To AB Testing

The digital world is littered with blogs offering you a lot of business advice, some useful some not so much. However, one marketing technique that has stood the test of time is to do an A/B marketing material experiment to a selected audience or a portion of your clients and leads.

But first, what is an A/B marketing material experiment? Simply put, this is the process where you show two options to the audience and ask for their suggestions, recommendations, and comments about which would be the better marketing asset. In marketing or business courses, the term this is a split test, which is very aptly named. Here the audience is not the only one that is split but also the marketing materials, and you let the marketing audience think about the two or more said marketing materials.

While there are a lot of marketing materials that you can use and templates to apply and improve upon, the social aspect given by doing the A/B marketing test is immensely valuable because not only will you get more recommendations and improvements, you will already be putting your logo and marketing efforts at the back of their minds.

Doing the A/B marketing material experiment has led to a lot of great results. There are a lot of case studies that can be found on the internet that shows how big the increase and efficiency of the marketing material when it has gone through the A/B marketing material experiment, as compared to just sending out different marketing materials at the same time. An increase of almost 20% is the usual result with regards to the reach of the brand and lead conversion.

The A/B marketing material experiment traces its roots from statistics by applying the more academic two-sample hypothesis testing, and instead of using social issues as the topics, the A/B marketing test looks for brand recognition through the use of marketing material.

Segmenting and Targeting

Market segmentation and targeting are very important in the marketing lifecycle. The A/B testing actually helps you fulfill both market segmentation and targeting since you have, in a loose sense, segmented the target audience by splitting them to show different marketing materials so that you will know what marketing asset would target them the best.

A/B testing is very popular in marketing online and even for web analytics. For instance, you can make two different materials showing a different perspective. For example, one marketing asset will be more focused on a lower price for the product or service. The second marketing asset will focus on either more products or services to be provided at the same price that can be found in the market. Both are actually, in essence, discounts but just worded in a different way.

You may also notice some Facebook pages having different banners. Banners are actually a very useful marketing tool because it stays in the subconscious. Because you can see it prominently, the mind will capture it and then you ignore it. However, it is not truly ignored because it stays in your brain for quite some time. What you do not know is that the banner you see on the Facebook page was actually A/B tested first when the business owner or manager contracted someone, perhaps a graphic designer, to create a set of eye-catching banners. Once the set has been received, they do a test on it by sending it to different target audiences in a small population, let us say around 30 people each, and then ask for the opinions and thoughts of the said audience. The banner that was the most well-received will be the banner that they will add to your Facebook timeline and other social media accounts.

A tool that can help

Let us see that you already have the two marketing materials to be contrasted and compared. If you have already sent those assets to the tooth target groups and you have already received the results. A lot of business owners and managers will be tempted to just look at the numbers and then get the one with the highest conversions or results. That may work but only for a time. If you want to improve not only your marketing results but your marketing process, reviewing the data is important. Do not just leave the data after you already decided on what marketing material to use. Analyze it first. By doing so, you will be more well informed on what seems perhaps or what competitive advantages that you have which you have not noticed and then plan another marketing campaign. With your experience, making a new marketing campaign would be easier and more successful, because you have applied what you have learned.

Most of the business owners and managers will just use Microsoft Excel to tabulate the data and then make visual representations. That is good and all, but there are other more powerful and simpler online tools that are available to you.  One example would be the website A/B Test Guide, which is a free tool that can make not only graphs about the data and numbers but a tool that you can also use as a statistical aid, where you can get standard error deviations and then the more complex ratios like a z-score.

Doing A/B testing is actually standard procedure now with online marketing campaigns. Do not miss out on doing so. is a digital lifestyle publication that covers the culture of startups and technology companies in Los Angeles. It is the go-to site for people who want to keep up with what matters in Los Angeles’ tech and startups from those who know the city best.

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