KEYPR is a Cloud-Based Guest Experience And Management Platform for Hotels

KEYPR is a Cloud-Based Guest Experience And Management Platform for Hotels

Hotels and rentals these days are scrambling to attract the patronage of tourists. One excellent way to achieve this is to offer a personalized guest experience and eliminating petty annoyances and inefficiencies that can mar a guest’s experience during their stay. Keypr is a popular partner in this endeavor, as their key technologies are particularly suited for the task. If you’re running or managing a hotel, you may want to check out Keypr to help make your guests’ stay more enjoyable.

The client list of Keypr keeps increasing each day, as numerous hotels have realized the benefits of partnering with the industry’s leading cloud-based hospitality technology platform.

  • Custom app. The custom guest allows guests to streamline their experiences during their stay. The app lets them skip the long and tedious check-in process, allow them to enter their room freely, order room service, and book reservations. The app also allows for keyless entry.
  • In-room tablet. Those who don’t wish to download the app to their phone can instead use the in-room tablet that pretty much allows you to get the services you want. This is the communications device that enables the guests to engage with the staff, make reservations, and order room service.
  • GEMS. This stands for the Guest Experience Management Platform. This is a desktop and mobile dashboard that lets you monitor service requests, track operation ley performance indicators and gain insight from detailed analytics.
  • REMi. This is the smart mirror that functions like the tablet, except that this time it can also function as the television. Guests can use this to stream or cast the content of their personal phone. It can also be used as a smart guide so that guests can get restaurant reservations and book tickets for any events in the area.

The Keypr client services team will make sure that the platform is customized to your particular needs. They handle the installation of the various tech devices, while they also offer training and continuous support. Their website is filled with helpful articles, but if you have issues or questions then the customer support stands ready to provide assistance.

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