Stylish Personal Pilates Loops Invented by Long-Time Pilates Instructor, Jacqueline Hinton

Stylish Personal Pilates Loops Invented by Long-Time Pilates Instructor, Jacqueline Hinton

Good Citizen is the Los Angeles based company that has taken your Pilates workout and made it perfect. As long-time Pilates instructor Jacqueline Hinton was getting certified to teach over 13 years ago, she had an aha moment. She noticed everyone taking Pilates classes was putting their dirty feet and hands in the same unwashed communal straps that you use on the Reformer and Cadillac apparatuses. After being grossed out every day of her training, Jackie wondered why she couldn’t have her own loops to take with her to class? And why couldn’t those loops actually be comfortable and cute; and why couldn’t they be made from the absolute best materials? In yoga class, Jackie always took her own yoga mat with her and wouldn’t dare use a communal mat. With this revelation, the idea of the personal Pilates loop was born.

Now, with all great ideas, things take time. From her fresh idea to the first actual sale, many years went by. Finding a manufacturer who does good and honest work, while still wanting to help you and your dream is tough. But after dogged determination, Good Citizen Pilates Loops was born. This idea had never been attempted before, but after 3 ½ years of doing business, the Pilates world has never been the same. In over 50 studios worldwide, Good Citizen has gone from a dream to a reality, as Pilates lovers see the importance of taking their own personal Pilates loops with them to class.

Stylish Personal Pilates Loops Invented by Long-Time Pilates Instructor, Jacqueline Hinton

Today, more than ever, hygiene and cleanliness are at the forefront of our minds. Studies have shown that dangerous bacteria like E. coli and MRSA staph infections can stay on exercise equipment for up to four days after use. Not to mention, who wants to put their hands where other people’s feet have been? This is the crux of Good Citizen’s Personal Pilates Loops. Stay clean and safe from all the nasty bugs at the Pilates studio while using your own straps—and do it in style!

So, not only do Good Citizen’s personal loops keep you safe from all the disgusting germs at the Pilates studio, these straps are absolutely gorgeous. With bright colors ranging from deep purples to hot pink and green, Good Citizen’s loops absolutely pop in the Pilates studio. These exquisite workout straps are made from only the highest quality materials in the industry, including premium nylon webbing, extra durable D-rings, and eco-friendly waterproof foam, providing unmatched comfort. Nothing was spared when it came to creating these straps.

With 4 lines of loops and over 20 styles to choose from, you’ll certainly find loops to fit your Pilates studio’s needs. These stylish loops are so easy to carry, too, weighing about half a pound. You’ll never want to go to a Pilates workout without your own personal Pilates loops again. Good Citizen Pilates Loops: Clean. Stylish. Yours.

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