Goodbye Urban Flooding! FloodCube Unveils AI Tool to Prevent Damage

Climate change has been a significant contributor to the increasing frequency and intensity of urban flooding, a natural hazard that has a profound economic impact on society. However, a revolutionary tool called FloodCube, developed by 7Analytics, is set to change the narrative.

FloodCube is a high-precision stormwater management tool that can reduce flood damage by up to 90%. It is designed to predict future stormwater runoff and prevent flood damage from heavy rainfall, thereby reducing economic, human, and environmental loss.

Urbanization is a double-edged sword. By 2050, cities worldwide will welcome 2.5 billion new residents. While city life offers numerous benefits, urban growth also has an environmental downside. Large-scale urbanization increases impermeable surfaces that prevent rainwater from soaking into the ground, leading to destructive flooding from heavy rainfall. This problem is further exacerbated by severe weather conditions brought about by climate change.

FloodCube is designed to address this issue head-on. It predicts water runoff with unprecedented accuracy, using one of the world’s largest datasets: the earth’s topography. The tool combines this with advanced algorithms and data on climate, infrastructure, and land use to provide the world’s most accurate water runoff predictions.

The technology behind FloodCube is disruptive, combining machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) with automation. Unlike current solutions that require multiple software programs and manual calculations, FloodCube performs all tasks in a total package, accelerating surface water analysis by 50%.

FloodCube is not only effective but also user-friendly and affordable. It is designed to be used by professionals with varying levels of modeling knowledge, eliminating the need for users to be experts in the software or hire consultants.

The benefits of FloodCube are far-reaching. It reduces damage to housing and infrastructure, saving humans from injury, death, and financial loss. It also prevents direct and indirect harm to the environment by mapping safe flood routes, preventing landslides, and keeping contaminated water from flowing into areas of high value for biodiversity. Furthermore, it can minimize carbon emissions from the construction as fewer buildings will need to be rebuilt or repaired.

FloodCube has already proven its effectiveness in Norway and has been nominated for the Norwegian Construction Industry’s Innovation Award. The tool is now expanding into the US and Brazilian markets through collaborations with StormGeo and Climatempo, respectively. The global market for FloodCube is vast, as most countries are experiencing increased flooding and are looking for effective solutions.

In conclusion, FloodCube is a game-changing solution that addresses a global problem. It is a testament to the power of technology and innovation in mitigating the impacts of climate change and urbanization.

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