Answer Your Door From Anywhere with Ring

Answer Your Door From Anywhere with Ring

Home security has made huge advancements in recent years, and now Ring is featuring new home security technology for various neighborhoods around the globe. Now, these advanced technologies offer enhanced safety and convenience for homeowners everywhere.

Their Ring Video Doorbells are excellent in helping you ascertain whether there’s someone at your door and to determine just who they are. This device acts as your doorbell, and they also have motion detectors that alert you to their presence before they even ring the doorbell.

When you get someone at the door, you’ll get an instant mobile alert so you can find out about your visitor even when you’re not home. The field of view is 160 degrees, so you’ll be able to see who it is. You’ll also get a 10080 HD wide-angle video of your visitors. If you’re in the office, you can still converse with your visitors via the RVD. The device comes with built-in speakers and a microphone, and you can use your smartphone and the Ring app to talk with anyone at your door.

With the motion detectors in place, you can make sure no one is skulking around your door who doesn’t particularly want to ring the doorbell. In fact, you can also get infrared night vision as well, so nighttime visitors can be seen clearly.

This is powered by a quick-release rechargeable battery. This allows you to charge your Ring device without removing it from its place. You can also have it hotwired as well so it won’t need batteries at all.

You can supplement the RVD with floodlight cams all over the house so that you can see every angle where an intruder may break in. This is the vaunted Ring of Security, and with it, no one can enter your home undetected. You can ring up your local police if you have an intruder, or you can video chat with your visitors if they are friends. is a digital lifestyle publication that covers the culture of startups and technology companies in Los Angeles. It is the go-to site for people who want to keep up with what matters in Los Angeles’ tech and startups from those who know the city best.

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