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Obsidian Security Raised $9.5 Million to Combat Cyber Threats on The Cloud

The cybersecurity industry is perhaps one of the most saturated sectors in business today, so very few companies actually stand out. That’s especially true among the startups, as they’ve yet to carve out a real reputation based on what they’ve actually done. Yet the launch of Obsidian Security in 2017 made waves among industry insiders. Very quickly, and after the latest funding round, the company has already been valued at ...

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Cylance is Revolutionizing Cybersecurity With AI Based Solutions

Cybersecurity is one of the most complicated problems that everyone has to face right now because we all use computers. Businesses need to protect their computers to secure their data and to keep their operations running smoothly, and even homeowners can afford to have their PCs hacked. Yet most cheap security solutions are woefully inadequate, as they don’t employ the necessary technology to keep up with the ever more advanced ...

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Answer Your Door From Anywhere with Ring

Home security has made huge advancements in recent years, and now Ring is featuring new home security technology for various neighborhoods around the globe. Now, these advanced technologies offer enhanced safety and convenience for homeowners everywhere. Their Ring Video Doorbells are excellent in helping you ascertain whether there’s someone at your door and to determine just who they are. This device acts as your doorbell, and they also have motion ...

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Keep Your Connected Home & Business Safe From Cyber Threats With The CUJO AI Internet Security Firewall

Criminal hackers represent a real threat to everyone. They don’t just hassle big businesses. They’re a threat to small business too, and even to just regular homeowners. Any computer that’s connected to the Internet is at risk, and often the usual Internet security programs aren’t enough. You may need Cujo instead. Cujo has grown bigger than ever and now the Cujo AI protects 25 million households. The hacker threat is ...

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