SkinTrax: Revolutionizing Early Skin Cancer Detection with AI


SkinTrax is an AI-assisted skin cancer screening platform designed to help users monitor and identify potential skin cancer signs through image analysis. It is a free-to-use service that leverages a patent-pending AI engine to analyze images of skin moles or abnormalities provided by users. The platform requires users to upload three images of the skin area in question from different angles and distances, which allows the AI to create a detailed map of the skin feature being examined.

The AI system enhances the images and extracts identifiable features such as color, size, and symmetry. Based on these features, SkinTrax provides personalized results to the user. After a brief analysis period, the AI delivers results that include transparent information and suggested next steps, which can help users take proactive measures regarding their skin health. SkinTrax emphasizes that it is not a diagnostic tool but rather a screening aid that should complement regular medical consultations. It is designed to increase awareness and prompt users to seek professional advice if the AI identifies any areas of concern.

The platform also includes features like a mole location selector to improve the accuracy of the analysis. Additionally, SkinTrax offers free and premium membership options, with the premium service providing more detailed analyses and additional features. The platform also supports family accounts, allowing multiple family members to monitor their skin health through a single account.


How SkinTrax Works

SkinTrax stands out as an innovative AI-assisted skin cancer screening platform, streamlining the early detection of potential skin abnormalities through a user-friendly digital process. Here’s a detailed look at how it operates:

Image Collection

To kickstart the analysis, SkinTrax requires users to upload three images of the skin area from various angles and distances. This step ensures a comprehensive view of the mole or skin abnormality, which is essential for the subsequent AI analysis.

Image Enhancement

Once the images are uploaded, SkinTrax enhances them using its advanced internal systems. The enhancement process sharpens the images, making distinct features more detectable. This step is critical for the AI’s accuracy in analyzing the skin features.

Feature Extraction

Following enhancement, the AI engine proceeds to identify and extract key features from the images, such as color, size, and symmetry. These characteristics are vital markers utilized by the AI to evaluate the condition of the skin abnormality.

AI Analysis

Leveraging a patent-pending AI engine, SkinTrax meticulously cross-analyzes the images against an extensive database of over 6 million data points. This comparison with a multitude of known cases aids in delivering a thorough and informed analysis.

Personalized Results

After a brief period of analysis, the AI presents results personalized to the individual user. These results offer clear information on the analyzed skin feature and suggest potential next steps, enabling users to make informed decisions about their skin health.

Action Plan

Alongside the results, SkinTrax provides a concise action plan. This guidance aims to empower users to take the necessary steps toward managing their skin health, strongly advising consideration of a professional dermatologist’s opinion for a more detailed examination.


It is important to underscore that SkinTrax is not a replacement for professional medical evaluations, such as skin biopsies or diagnostics by healthcare professionals. Rather, it serves as an accessible preliminary screening tool, cultivating increased awareness and motivating users to seek professional advice when potential skin abnormalities are identified.

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