A workplace is a location where you work, a place of employment. Such a place can range from a home office to a large office building or factory. It is the place where we spend upwards of 8 hours a day. Situations such as dissension, poor communication, and general dysfunction occur frequently.'s mission is to share ideas, tools, and solutions you can use it to make your workplace a little better.    

5 Simple Steps to Obtaining Inbox Zero and How to Keep It That Way

The email inbox is either your friend or your foe, but most of the time, if managed poorly, it becomes Pandora’s box, it gobsmacks you with a ton of headache and frustration, and it’s the perfect way to cripple or even hinder your productivity. But, if it’s properly managed, the email can be a very good friend of yours that leads you to productivity and efficient collaboration. This quick guide...

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14 Best Podcast Studios to Rent in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city built on the intersection of dreams and determination. For over a century, millions of people have proven that the judicious application of creativity and hard work can literally make imagination into reality. The media born in this capital of worldwide innovation has enthralled billions and started a process by which art forms have given rise to new art forms on a regular basis. Podcasting is...

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7 Effective Ways to Communicate Effectively With Employees During a Crisis

The current COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many businesses to a lot of uncertainties ranging from a decline in sales to a ‘work-from-home’ environment. This pandemic, like other turbulences, causes a lot of anxiety and loss of focus in any environment typically. This turmoil and dynamic have changed the internal communication perspective for most of the brands across the world. It is at turbulent times like this that a leader needs to stand...

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5 Tips for Finding Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Millions of Americans have become unemployed due to the limited operations and closures of companies in several industries. You may be one of them or you may have been job hunting when the pandemic hit. Whatever your current situation, you should have hope that a job is just around the corner! Of course, it will be more challenging to find a job considering the economic downturn. But keep in mind...

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How To Start a Tech Career in Los Angeles After COVID-19

The coronavirus lockdown is affecting most industries including the manufacturing field, hotel and travel companies, and so many others. It is a well-known fact that companies won’t go back to the ‘old normal’ after the coronavirus outbreak subsides. The trend for remote working is continuously increasing, and so is the delivery and logistics industry. This trend will inevitably cause some changes to the work field as we know it today,...

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Beginner Guide: Why & How to Develop Problem-Solving Mindset for Challenging Workplace?

Whether you just want to improve your productivity, make your stance at a relationship better, or simply just want to resolve conflict, developing a problem-solving mindset is a critical factor. Many people often go wrong by overlooking this essential factor in every aspect of our lives. Sometimes, even with the best planning and preparation and making sure that everything turns out as expected, things do go wrong, and there is...

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How To Handle Customer Complaints During The COVID-19 Pandemic

First and foremost, your customers are looking to the companies they rely on for guidance and clarity in uncertain times (ie. COVID-19 pandemic.) And, the best way to calm anxiety and nerves is to communicate periodically to keep them informed. Find out what the most common types of customer complaints and how you can resolve them. You can even prevent them from happening in the first place! Customer complaints are...

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Your Guide To Surviving The Hurdles of Being Laid Off

At the beginning of the end of March 2020, the American workforce has started to feel the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than three and a quarter-million people have already been laid off from their jobs, destroying the United States’ old record of 695,000 people getting laid off almost four decades ago in October 1982. This phenomenon is proving to be quite a disaster, businesses and companies are...

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Comprehensive Guide To Video Conferencing Etiquette – 14 Simple Steps

Even before the advent of the coronavirus, businesses have been moving their operations and workforce to a remote setting. To ensure that they still communicate efficiently and effectively, the majority of these businesses opt to use video conferencing for their daily communication, meetings, and team updates. Here is our comprehensive guide to help you look crisp and maintain your composure while on a video conferencing by following the etiquettes we...

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How to Hire ‘Great’ Employees For Your Startup

What makes a great company? Is it their products or services, how they impact the economy, their contribution to the environment, or the sociological advancements they provide? What is it that really makes people say: that is a great company? In short: People People are the business. They are the people answering the phone, creating the products, and building the software. The ones representing the tangible form of the business,...

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10 Essential Leadership Skills for Workplace Success in 2020

Leadership is defined in different ways but it can be summarized in John C. Maxwell’s definition: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” We can then conclude a great leader can mean the difference between failure and success in whatever field it may be, whether in business or in arts and culture. This leads us to an all-important question: What qualities make...

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The Best Project Management Tools For 2020

If you’re looking for the best project management tools for your company, you’re certainly not the only one. In fact, it’s been found that more than 3 out of 4 high-performing projects use this type of software. This is certainly understandable since the right one can make it a lot easier to keep track of the project progress. Many of these tools also offer excellent collaborative features. But before you...

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7 Sales Tips to Boost your SaaS Selling Prowess in 2020 

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Ciara, the leading digital conversation assistant that allows sales teams to communicate with prospects and customers more effectively while on the phone. In 2019, they closed a seven-digit seed funding round and its momentum has not stopped. Keep reading as Ciara goes into detail about its new content library aimed to help all sales professionals CLOSE MORE DEALS... LA Startups: What...

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Confirmation Bias And How It Affects Your Workplace

How many times have you had a conversation about a topic with a close friend and come away wondering how in the world they could believe what they do when they're obviously wrong?  It happens all the time and it creates enormous division - in politics, in our relationships and even in our workplace. Here's a perfect example - in our tribal politics, both parties have the same set of...

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Top 8 Leadership Qualities That Make Great Leaders

On average, millennials will change employment four times after college and before they’re 32 years old; and most of them say they aren’t empowered in their present jobs.  Suffice it to say, many leaders aren’t establishing and nurturing a sense of loyalty and trust among their employees. Irrespective of how you define a leader, he or she can prove to be a difference-maker between success and failure. A good leader...

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Salary Negotiation: 5 Reasonable Salary Asks

Bringing up the topic of salary during the hiring process. Awkward. Nerve-wracking. Necessary.  The worst feeling? You start negotiating with yourself before you even bring up the conversation of your compensation. The good news - you’re not alone. This topic is generally the most “outlawed” when it comes to employment.  Let’s first take a step back to assess the situation. It’s common for most candidates to want to disclose as...

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Deadlines: From Foes To Friends

In our fast-paced, results-oriented world, deadlines are an ever-present aspect of our lives, whether you’re a student cramming for a thesis or a manager shooting for a sales quota. Deadlines, of course, have their purpose but when these become a source of stress, these can actually result in the slow death of your brain and body! Fortunately, you can turn deadlines from your foes to your friends – or at...

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Why An Offsite Workday Boosts Employee Experience

Guest post by Shar Behzadian - Find her @sharzadian on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter  In the last two years, I have tried out many office spaces. I am talking more than 50 spaces in some of the largest U.S. startup cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, and New York City. All I ever wanted was to work from a gorgeous space that sparks creativity. Somewhere that enables easy conversations...

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