Keep Your Connected Home Safe From Cyber Threats With The CUJO AI Internet Security Firewall

Keep Your Connected Home & Business Safe From Cyber Threats With The CUJO AI Internet Security Firewall

Criminal hackers represent a real threat to everyone. They don’t just hassle big businesses. They’re a threat to small business too, and even to just regular homeowners. Any computer that’s connected to the Internet is at risk, and often the usual Internet security programs aren’t enough. You may need Cujo instead.

Cujo has grown bigger than ever and now the Cujo AI protects 25 million households. The hacker threat is real as Cujo blocks an average of 50 threats per household. On average, Cujo protects 15 devices for each household, so that’s a lot.

They offer firewalls and other solutions to make sure that you’re a small business and personal computers and smartphones are kept safe from hackers. They provide network security that allows you and your staff or family members to browse the Internet safely. The behavior of your smart devices is monitored, network analysis is encrypted, and you’re protected from DDOS attacks and remote access.

You get full control over all your devices and parental controls are available as well. You get filters in place for shopping, service, or adult websites. You can set time limits and schedules for each profile and each device. You can monitor the browsing habits of each person and control the Internet access for every device. If there’s any issue whatsoever, you get notified in real time through an app on your smartphone.

Their services and solutions include an Internet security firewall that connects to your Wi-Fi router and you control with an app. It guards every device in your home or business that’s connected to the Internet, including gaming consoles and cameras. You’re protected from hacking as well as from malware and phishing.

For OEMs, there’s also an AI platform with software and firmware solutions. You can customize your platform with the features you need and choose. These can be deployed in a gateway and even cloud environments.

Cujo uses big data and machine learning to protect your business and your family from online threats. It’s time to take these threats seriously, and Cujo is seriously good at Internet security.

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