3 Important Things to Do to Prepare for a Maternity Leave as a Business Owner

Flexibility is one of the things you can enjoy as a business owner. However, with this freedom also comes quite a number of responsibilities as the balance is essential if you want to make sure that things will get accomplished. This is why planning a parental leave when you own a business can be a bit more nerve-racking than as an employee. As a business owner, you’re in charge so...

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Apple Music or Spotify? Which Music Streaming Service to Choose

Both Spotify and Apple Music are both terrific music streaming services. But if you have to choose just one, which will it be? The real truth is that when it comes to picking a music streaming service, you have several excellent options. These include Google Play Music and Amazon Music, along with Tidal or even Pandora if you’re in the US. Now there’s even a new one called Qobuz. But...

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As Cold Weather Curbs Outdoor Dining, Expect a Spike in Disposables-Packed Deliveries

Restaurants with even a fragment of outdoor space have found ways to serve customers in the fresh air during this era of pandemic dining. For people seeking a meal with a fresh view along with fresh ingredients, an al fresco two-top with a six-foot radius is a godsend. A less-noticed benefit is that in-house dining gives planet Earth a break on what could’ve been another meal delivered in a heap...

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8 Ways to Brand Yourself Without Bragging

In this competitive world, are you able to stand out? Is your presence felt among all your rivals? Have you done enough for people to recognize your name? This is where personal branding is proving advantageous. Personal branding is the practice of marketing people and/or their careers as their own brands. It relies on the management of the individual's reputation and the overall impression that can be beneficial to its...

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Want Handcraft Premium Shoes Made Locally in DTLA? Check Out ComunityMade

A growing portion of the population is now being more conscious about the way they consume things. Great quality will not cut it anymore for a lot of shoppers, how the products are produced and the causes the brand supports now also factor in lots of people’s decision-making processes. This is particularly true for the fashion industry where the manufacturing process is wrought with issues of abuse and waste. As...

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20 Best Online Sources to Buy Budget-Friendly Artwork

Not everybody can afford to buy artwork from art galleries, auction houses, and private collections mainly because of the monetary considerations. In other words, art can be so expensive taking out a second mortgage on your home may be insufficient! The price tags on classical and contemporary artworks can run into the tens and hundreds of dollars, if not millions. So what is a budget-conscious art lover to do? Well,...

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The Proper Way of Disinfecting Against COVID-19 According to Experts

SARS-CoV-2 is the official name of the virus that has been causing the COVID-19 pandemic; research shows that it can survive on surfaces for up to 16 hours, it clearly doesn’t go away very quickly, this is why it is imperative that you continuously disinfect surfaces and every nook and crannies that are commonly touched touch by the members of your household. The United States Centers for Disease Control and...

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COVID-19 Pandemic: How to Ease Anxiety, Depression – 150 Minutes of Weekly Exercise

COVID-19 pandemic is causing widespread fear and anxiety throughout the U.S. If there was a way to dispel all anxious feelings, I’d tell you, but there isn’t. But, from my research, a little physical exercise can help alleviate that. Scientists have found that regular participation in aerobic exercise has been shown to decrease overall levels of tension, elevate and stabilize mood, improve sleep, and improve self-esteem.  Whether it’s solo or...

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The Best Subscription Boxes For Nearly Every Essential

In the past, subscription boxes were considered luxuries. We did, too, because we reasoned that we could always choose products for ourselves instead of letting others do it for us – where’s the fun in that? But the times, they are a-changing and more consumers are actually calling subscription boxes as lifesavers in a box, of sorts. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic; now might be the best time to consider...

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Common Germs Found at the Gym

Sometimes, getting to the gym is already difficult enough. That’s why when you’re in the facilities, the last thing in your mind should be the possible germs you might get. It’s proven by a survey that tested out 1,000 gym-goers that their biggest pet peeves are the sanitary practices of these locations. For example, more than 50% of these respondents say that people who went to the bathrooms didn’t wash...

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40 Cheap Things to Do in Los Angeles

Since Los Angeles is known for its great weather in Southern California, it would be a shame not to spend it outside. If you’re looking for the best ways to have fun outdoors this summer, here is our travel guide showcasing 40 coolest activities that you can try around the City of Los Angeles. Cheap Things to Do in Los Angeles 1. Enjoy a Meal or a Cocktail Cost: Varies...

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10 Life Lessons You Should Learn As Early As Possible

Life at every stage is a learning experience. You just need to appreciate the lessons that come your way and to apply them whenever necessary. You may have learned these lessons as part of your personal journey, usually through trial and error, or from reading books, watching others make mistakes, or asking them about their own experiences. No matter how you obtained life lessons, you will agree that the most...

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14 Quick and Easy Icebreaker Games For Your Holiday Gatherings

Meetings and gatherings can be initially filled with awkwardness, perhaps even tension, between their participants for one reason or another. These can also be characterized by boredom here and there because, well, listening to seemingly interminable discussions can do that to anybody. Fortunately, both tension and boredom during gatherings can be resolved by a quick icebreaker game, usually at the start and in the middle of these events. Icebreaker games...

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Tips to Travel Light For Holiday Trips

It’s not always easy to pick the right clothes to wear when you’re traveling on your vacation. Some part of your mind wishes that you can just bring your entire closet. Some people even do try this approach, which is why they’re stressed when traveling due to the numerous pieces of luggage they need to bring. But you can just pack lightweight clothes instead, and you can have a few...

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5 Cool Ways to Wear a Hoodie

In the not so distant past, hoodies were the de facto uniforms of would-be bad guys. They were meant to disguise you and keep others from recognizing you too easily, so muggers and robbers loved them. Nowadays, though, hoodies can be cool additions to your men’s wardrobe. You just have to know how to wear them right so that people won’t worry when they see you on the streets. 1....

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7 Steps For Stress-Free Business Travel

Business travel can be stressful, but there are ways for you to reduce the inconveniences and maximize your work productivity. A lot of people don’t take long to realize that business travel can be difficult and wearisome. It’s bad enough when you’re worried about the outcome of meetings you’re planning to attend. But you add in how hard it is to sleep on a plane, to plan and pack for...

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Where To Go For A Fun Birthday Bash In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is Party Central! Los Angelenos have a wide variety of entertainment options from the wholesome to the weird and wacky that it can be difficult to make plans. With this in mind, here are a few suggestions for enjoying a fun birthday party – still wholesome but with a touch of the risqué, just enough to keep your party PG-rated. Hamburger Mary’s for an Outrageous Drag Brunch Why...

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