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At, we love food. All kinds of food. Yes, we are a bunch of nomadic foodies in LA; always hunting down for what's good to eat, every day. And, we want to share them with you here. We curate and create content around food and drinks from different points of view. They include lists of foods, beverages, food preparation tools and equipment, food preparation techniques, cuisines, and industrial food preparation and distribution operations including breweries. Got a tip on a great spot for ribs, pizza, tacos, or BBQ? Share them with us at [email protected]

The 2021 Guide to 15 Coolest Restaurants in Los Angeles

Find where you can go in Los Angeles for the trendiest dining establishments to satisfy your foodie cravings. Are you in Los Angeles right now? Whether you’re just visiting or you live here, you really ought to try one of these dining establishments for a great dining experience. In fact, no one’s stopping you from trying them all! Best Trendy Restaurants Los Angeles 1. Xiang La Hui Location: 621 W...

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21 Best Burger Restaurants in Los Angeles You Absolutely Have to Try

Hamburgers are pretty much the global definition of American cuisine so why should you settle for anything less than stellar? Here are twenty-one top-notch places in LA so you can always get the tastiest options around. When you think about it, burgers seem so simple. They’re practically just sandwiches but with some rounded bread and beef patties. Surprisingly, it’s also very easy to get them wrong so not all burgers...

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15 Best Korean Restaurants in Los Angeles – Revealed 

Los Angeles' Koreatown is the pinnacle of Korean cookery in the United States, without any doubt. The food offered is astonishingly delightful, making even the most obsessive foodies from Seoul awestruck at both its quality and quantity. It’s the perfect setup since this vibrant neighborhood has a lot of neon lights and stay open until late at night. Most diners limit their Korean food offerings to all-you-can-eat barbecues. The good...

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20 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Los Angeles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Have you ever heard the saying "breakfast is the most important meal of the day"? The majority of Americans believe that this saying is true, the rest do not. It doesn't matter which side you're on. Because breakfast truly has yielded a myriad of sumptuous and tasty selections. From a hearty egg, bacon, beans, and toast. To a holistic bowl of fruits and nuts with a sprinkling of chia seeds...

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As Cold Weather Curbs Outdoor Dining, Expect a Spike in Disposables-Packed Deliveries

Restaurants with even a fragment of outdoor space have found ways to serve customers in the fresh air during this era of pandemic dining. For people seeking a meal with a fresh view along with fresh ingredients, an al fresco two-top with a six-foot radius is a godsend. A less-noticed benefit is that in-house dining gives planet Earth a break on what could’ve been another meal delivered in a heap...

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OXIGEN Closed a $15M Series B Funding Round Backed by Notable Celebs: Kevin Love, Stephen Curry, Brett Eldredge

OXIGEN, the pH balanced water boosted with oxygen, announced today the closing of its $15 million Series B funding round backed by a roster of notable celebrities and global business leaders. OXIGEN is proud to feature a Board of Advisors that brings together the very best in business, community leadership, health & wellness, and sports & entertainment. They join Stephen Curry, who was announced as an OXIGEN investor, partner, and...

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13 Best Restaurants For Delivery and Take Out in Los Angeles

While the whole world grapples with how to handle the coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged economies, we have been forced to limited outdoor adventures as we keep the social distancing rule. This has dramatically affected our social nature and operations resulting in several restaurants closing down or limiting their food options. However, there are still some great restaurants and joints in Los Angeles, and that offer take-out and deliveries. Be...

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Los Angeles Restaurants Can Use Sidewalks for Outdoor Dining As Part of L.A. Al Fresco Initiative

Restaurants in Los Angeles were recently given the green light to open their dine-in services to the public after more than ten weeks of shutdown restrictions. Now, restaurants can serve sit-down customers as long as they follow guidelines such as; making sure customers are 6 feet apart, the customers wear face masks when not eating, keep disposable menus, thoroughly disinfect dining areas after each customer, and open at a maximum...

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15 Superfoods That Will Boost Your Happiness & Energy

For some people, eating anything is a great idea whenever they feel down and depressed. The problem with such an approach is that it can turn you into an overweight mess. You may end up gaining too many pounds that your health suffers, and ill health often leads to bad moods. It’s a vicious circle. But there are food options you can go with that are especially effective in uplifting your...

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The Best Pizza Restaurants in Los Angeles for Lunch

People loving pizza is universal, but it doesn’t mean everything is equal in quality. It’s the golden age of pizza-making in L.A., but disappointing pizzas are still out there. But with years of experience, the places listed in this post offer some of the best pizza in Los Angeles. Best Pizza Restaurants in Los Angeles to Eat As proof, here’s our list of the most essential spots to get the...

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15 Best Restaurants in Orange County, California

With Orange County’s vibrant culture, it comes to no one’s surprise that its restaurant scene is just as lively. From classics that always know how to hit the right spot to new openings that are truly exciting, anyone who loves to dine out will surely find the area to be the perfect dining destination. So if you’re looking for great places to try out in the OC, here are 20...

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10 Best Cigars and Drink Lounges in Los Angeles

Despite the despotic rule of the health buffs, there are still plenty of places in Los Angeles where you can puff on a cigar while sipping an alcoholic beverage.  In Los Angeles, dieting and working out is a way of life. Somehow, the powers that be in LA have made it a crime to smoke in places where usually you can find folks relaxing over cigarettes and beer. Still, it...

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Best Bagels in Los Angeles for Breakfast – Open for Takeout

Highland Park’s York Boulevard often has a line early in the morning during the weekends. As soon as Belle’s Bagels’ window opens at 8 a.m., you can expect a half-hour wait. But it’s worth the wait since this outlet serves one of the city’s most delicious lox sandwiches with only a tiny storefront to their name. If you lived in New York but now reside in L.A., you might lament...

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BBQ for Beginners: How To Ace The Grilling Test

Summer is still officially a few weeks away, Memorial Day sure kickstarts the season for BBQ. If you're new to grilling, you might be apprehensive about the process. Maybe your inexperience is causing you to hold back, so you're not getting as much practice as you'd like. Never fear—a few simple tricks are all you need to impress your friends and neighbors with your newfound skills. Here's a beginner's guide...

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10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

Say what you will about Los Angeles, but when it comes to vegan cuisine, the City of Angels strives to be at the forefront of innovation. Just take a look at the vegan restaurants sprouting like the proverbial mushroom in and around it, and you will agree! There's something for everybody, too, from casual burger stands to selling vegan burgers in the Eastside to upscale restaurants in West Hollywood. There...

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12 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich Destinations in Los Angeles

Two pieces of bread, and a couple of slices of cheese. They’re not exactly the most exciting and the tastiest pieces of food in the world. But my god they do complement each other perfectly. Now that we have the two main ingredients of this ultra-tasty, yet unbelievably simple recipe. We only need one more thing. The grill! You see, grilling your cheese sandwich produces a Maillard reaction, which activates...

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How To Support Your Favorite Bartenders Right Now

The unprecedented global pandemic of the COVID-19 has crippled many businesses forcing them to close their doors. This is in response to several world leaders' call for territorial lockdowns to halt the transmission of the virus. Unfortunately, the ones that took most of the brunt are the small to medium businesses, mainly within the restaurant, bartending and travel industry. These enterprises rely on the working-class public. Unfortunately, self-isolation has dried...

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6 Best Food Delivery Apps You Can Use Amid The Quarantine

For the past few weeks, we have observed one of the most life-changing phenomenons that the human race has ever experienced. The COVID-19 pandemic did affect and changed the way we live our daily lives, since movement is restricted, more and more people are swarming into supermarkets to buy their supplies. How we get our food from our favorite places changed drastically too. Many restaurants are shifting their business model...

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