Bingie Launches a Platform To Discover, Discuss & Share Movies and TV Shows

Share Movies and TV Shows

Bingie is a streaming platform for movies, series, documentaries, mockumentaries, or other kinds of digital content for your eyes. It’s not just digital content for you to see. It’s food for your eyes because the movies and series are handpicked by staff and are given a seal of approval for enjoyment.

What’s more amazing is Bingie is a collaborative platform. It’s like one big subreddit for movies and TV shows, except it’s an app developed solely for that purpose. Sometimes people get so invested in movies or TV shows that they just need someone to talk about it to.

Bingie’s a place for friends to discover, discuss, and share what to watch.

Bingie makes sure this specific niche is addressed. If you love SciFi, then post about how you loved Ridley Scott’s Aliens. Hate it? No problem. Your feedback is relevant on the Bingie app and it helps other would-be viewers have an idea of what they’re about to watch.

Bingie also focuses on people making connections about the things they watch. This is one social media app that lets you make movie recommendations to friends and family. One great feature Bingie has is it automatically adds your recommendations and shares to their watchlist. 

This app also lets you make a group chat. It’s Facebook’s Messenger but for movies. But who knows? Your group might like talking about cupcakes after watching one season of Game of Thrones… Totally unrelated but still functional!

What’s so great about Bingie’s features is that this is the perfect streaming app for people who can’t decide what to watch. Sure, we see some recommendations in other streaming platforms but these are based on popularity. 

Your friends know you better than an app, so people who simply don’t have the time to browse can just play one in the watch list because it’s a friend’s recommendation.

So go Bingie in your lounges this coming Valentine’s because it’s going to be a long day for single people. Have fun!

Download and try it out yourself HERE

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