3 Simple Hacks For Marketing To Generation Z

3 Simple Hacks For Marketing To Generation Z

Is your business geared towards providing products and services for younger consumers? If so, then your core audience may be made up of Generation Z. These are the people who were born from the mid-1990s to the early 2010s.

Don’t make the mistake of making assumptions about the young people of today, as they can be very different from the teens of other eras. In fact, Gen Z members are even different from Millennials who were young adults at the turn of the millennium. It’s been found that the typical Gen Z has a shorter attention span due to the numerous apps and digital media they’ve been subjected to. Millennials also came of age during the recession while Gen Z are barely aware of that period. Consequently, Millennials are more driven to seek out bargains.

So how do you market to the members of Gen Z? To help you out, here are some tips that should get you starting:

1. Focus Your Language on How It Feels to Use Your Products

The Gen Z people want to know right away about the experience of using your product or receiving your service. They don’t particularly care about the scientific details of how your technology works. Get to the point – communicate your message and value proposition clearly and quickly.

2. Be Inclusive

The young people of Gen Z don’t really have much of an “us vs. them” mentality. They’re more inclusive, and your marketing language must mirror such attitudes. So it’s better if you can emphasize how your brand is great for everyone, rather than only for a certain segment of the people. Stress how your brand helps to bring people together, rather than drive them apart.

3. Promote Your Extra-Curricular Activities

There are plenty of causes that you can help with, whether it’s saving the environment, contributing to medical research, or helping the poor. This is to help your brand stand out and avoid having a faceless (and heartless) corporate mentality. While every business is invariably about making money, you also need to make sure that your brand identity is associated with contributing to the community.

Do Your Research

The people of Gen Z prefer that you’re actually aware of what they want. You only need to ask them what these wants are, and they’d be glad to tell you. These young adults are more likely to respond to your surveys and questionnaires because they want their voices to be heard.

You can always set up a survey on your site so you can pose them the questions you need to ask. Short surveys are better, but these can help you find out how they feel about your brand.

So what do we learn from all these tips? The basic lesson is that the members of Gen Z want a brand that represents their values. You have to care about the same things they care about, instead of telling them what to care about. Invariably, young adults value their freedom, and they’re free to choose your brand only if your brand feels like it fits their self-image.

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