Living And Working in El Segundo, California

Living And Working in El Segundo, California

El Segundo is one of the oldest cities in the Los Angeles area. Conveniently located in Santa Monica Bay, the original settlers of El Segundo were the Tongva and Chumash Native American tribes. Today, El Segundo’s coastal location has made it the ideal home of 16,000 people and several Fortune 500 corporate companies. Its population statistics reveal that El Segundo residents are 66% Caucasian but there’s also quite a number of Hispanics (18%), Asians (7%), and mixed races (5%). Through the years, El Segundo has become a popular business, residential, and tourist destination.

Officially incorporated in 1917, El Segundo is also home to many industrial facilities. The name El Segundo is actually Spanish and translates to “The Second” in English, and the city got this name in 1911 because it is the site of the second oil refinery of Standard Oil in the entire West Coast. Even with its beginnings in oil refinery, the post-war boom in 1956 brought many other industries to El Segundo, from aerospace and aviation to manufacturing and creative media. It is also widely known as the “Aerospace Capital of the World.”

Fun Things To Do

El Segundo may be a big business city with a lot of industrial space, but it also has quite a number of attractions for play and recreation. The historic downtown is the heart and soul of the community, where you can find El Segundo’s most unique shops, dining spots, galleries, and museums. This historic downtown is also a great place to just walk around, as it is quite conducive to strolling and gives off an almost nostalgic feel especially when you put it in contrast to the highly industrial space of the rest of El Segundo.

Another area that you can explore in El Segundo is, of course, the beach. Being a coastal city, you can stroll along the whole expanse of the sandy beach, and there are also some beach cafes that you can patronize. This whole South Bay vibe gives people the classic California breeze and outdoor experience, which includes swimming and all the other activities you can do in the water. You must also explore the mile-long beach between Dockweiler and El Porto.

For those who are looking for an unforgettable experience, El Segundo is also an arts and culture playground, with the El Segundo Museum of Art as well as the Automobile Driving Museum. Apart from that, you’ll be happy to know that El Segundo has become a sports and entertainment hub, given that it houses the practice facilities for world-famous sports teams Los Angeles Kings and Los Angeles Lakers.

For retail and food, there are also a lot of stores that you can go to, especially in Plaza El Segundo where you can stroll, shop, and dine. There are many contemporary boutiques and specialty stores, as well as restaurants that will suit delicate tastes.

If you’re the type who’s looking for green and open spaces, you can also go to the Recreation Park near the downtown area, where there are tennis and basketball courts as well as lots of recreational areas. The Library Park is another place where you can do this.



Aside from offices and the social scene, El Segundo is also home to many schools and universities, so educational opportunities abound. You won’t have to travel far just to go to school, because in El Segundo itself you’ll find Girvan Institute, Webster University, and Defense Acquisition University. If you’re interested in the grade school and high school levels, the El Segundo Unified School District serves the area, and it’s good to know that this is also listed as one of California’s academic outperformers.

Notable Companies

El Segundo has been awarded time and time again as the most business-friendly city, which gives you an idea that it’s a place that’s overflowing with business and employment opportunities. The city itself has instituted policies and a long-term strategy to “promote business retention, expansion, and attraction,” which makes economic prospects promising. The biggest industries that operate in El Segundo are:

  • Thanks to El Segundo’s proximity to the Los Angeles International Airport, many airline offices have made this city their home. Large aerospace companies, as well as the Los Angeles Air Force Base and Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), are also headquartered here. It’s also home to Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, The Aerospace Corporation, and Boeing. Aside from having the largest firms in aerospace defense, El Segundo is also the manufacturing home of over half of the nation’s space vehicles and satellites.
  • Tech Companies – A number of tech startups (TechStyle, Internet Brands Inc., CarsDirect, etc.) have set up shop and found a home in El Segundo, from data systems and high-tech engineering to information technology and digital media. Leading tech and engineering firms are taking advantage of El Segundo’s skilled workforce, unmatched infrastructure, and strong fiber-optic network. As we are now in the digital age, the demand for skilled professionals in this industry is only bound to increase.
  • Manufacturing El Segundo is also home to many industrial manufacturing jobs, including the largest toy manufacturer in the world (Mattel). “Made in El Segundo” has been synonymous to quality, and this label can be placed on a range of items, from toys and planes to semi-conductors and satellites.


Economic – Why You’d Want a JOB Here

Next, to San Francisco, El Segundo has the highest concentration of Fortune 500s in the whole of California. It’s a business-friendly city that’s ripe with job opportunities, but its location also makes it a great alternative to the denser and more expensive cities of Downtown LA and West Los Angeles. The lease rates for both commercial and residential spaces in El Segundo are also more affordable.

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