MIT Researchers Develop Social Media Platform To Stop Misinformation

In the age of social media, it is more important than ever to have control over the content we see. MIT researchers have developed a social media platform that gives users more power to assess content for accuracy and control the posts they see based on accuracy assessments from others.

The researchers first surveyed people to understand how they currently avoid or filter misinformation on social media. Next, the team used these findings to develop a prototype platform that would enable users to (1) assess the accuracy of content, (2) indicate which other users they trust for such assessments, and then (3) filter posts appearing in their feed accordingly.

The team conducted a field study with the prototype platform and found that users were able to effectively assess misinforming posts without receiving any prior training. Moreover, users valued the ability to assess posts and view assessments in a structured way.

This research provides a promising solution for social media platforms looking to fight the spread of misinformation. By giving users more control over the content they see, we can help to create a more informed and trustworthy social media landscape.

In essence, social media users would no longer be in the passenger seat when it comes to the spread of misinformation. This is a major breakthrough that could help to create a more positive social media experience for everyone.

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