Podcast: Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify on Habits, Systems and Mental Models for Top Performance

Podcast: Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify on Habits, Systems and Mental Models for Top Performance

There are about 286 million Spotify users around the world. You may have used it at one point in your life. You may still be using it. It’s a music app you turn to when you’re feeling hyped in the mornings and you need some beats to jog to, or you could be at home partying with a small group of friends. Or you just need some background music while you do work at home.

Spotify has been largely successful and is delivering us our daily dose of musical needs thanks to Daniel Ek. In this podcast, we take a look at parts of his life that have helped him develop habits that helped him attain the success he has with Spotify today.

Daniel’s European background helped him make a vision for himself. His Twitter handle is a testament to his. “Eldsjal” or it’s a literal translation, fire-soul, means a driving spirit. It’s a very fitting Twitter handle since Spotify is in the area of creative expression, and its maker should have some connection towards the musical arts.

The Spotify CEO shares how a mixture of both his European upbringing and the American way of independence is relevant to raising his children. For him to have reached a level of success on his own, he had to employ American methods. It becomes a question of the precedence of creative thinking that his Swedish upbringing provided him or the American way of letting the result speak for itself. 

If you have listed reading a book a day as part of your 2021 resolution, then you may have a shot at getting successful because Daniel Ek has this similar habit. Both fictional and nonfictional books have given him insights into a successful life. Among the books he has read are Paulo Coehlo’s best-selling The Alchemist and Matthew Syed’s Black Box Thinking. For Paulo Coehlo fans, we know his book is relevant as it can be a story parallel to our struggles of reaching for our goals.

Daniel Ek shares more of his habits, his state of mind, and systems on how he made Spotify a success. Listen to this podcast with Daniel Ek on Habits, Systems, and Mental Models for Top Performance to find out more.


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