Podcast: Malcolm Gladwell on Making Big Decisions

Podcast: Malcolm Gladwell on Making Big Decisions

Some people are in it to win it. We’ve heard of this so many times that competition becomes more of work rather than fun in competition. So if you change your mindset and make fun of the focus of what you do rather than the result, then you can never be a loser. 

Malcolm Gladwell Talks About Making Big Decisions, the Tipping Point the World is Seeing Now

Having a clear picture of what’s supposed to happen or what’s about to happen, despite this sounding too clairvoyant, is not always the best way to live your life. Uncertainty is a trap in some ways – you analyze every possible scenario so you can pick out the best path to choose, yet you still fail to move forward because you get stuck with analyzing.

The uncertainty trap doesn’t apply if an individual treats the future differently. A simple change in perspective will allow you to see that lengthy analysis is an expression of your freedom to choose how to approach anything. Acknowledge the fact that you are able to layout several paths to choose from, and congratulate yourself that you were able to. Just don’t forget to move forward.

Moving away from this trap will require you to make use of your best assets. Your strengths and weaknesses both affect the speed at which you make decisions. But focusing on strengths alone is not enough. There’s value in assessing your weaknesses. The time spent on identifying, understanding, and eliminating your weaknesses helps you progress on the path of your choosing.

And you don’t have to be always alone on your path or your experience. Your life is art, and an artist will always have an audience. You do things for yourself but at the same time, people will be interested in observing or watching you create and experiment.  

Take them on your journey and use their responses as an additional indicator of whether you’re having fun or not. Regardless of their reactions, you should consistently enjoy the time you spend on the things you deem worthy of your time.

Continue your journey and find out more about how you and other people’s stories become, intertwined, and ultimately, how this affects your abilities to make major decisions. More on this podcast by Malcolm Gladwell.


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