TikTok Bolsters Youth Safety Measures with Expanded Content Filtering and Upcoming Global Youth Council

TikTok, the popular social media platform, has announced the expansion of its content filtering tools, a move that precedes the launch of its global Youth Council. The updated tools allow caregivers to limit the types of videos that appear on the feeds of users under 18 years old. This is achieved by selecting specific keywords via TikTok’s Family Pairing page, enabling caregivers and teens to customize safety settings and app use.

The new feature builds upon TikTok’s content filtering settings introduced in July 2022, which allowed users to manage their feed using keywords and hashtags. The keywords deemed inappropriate by caregivers are also visible to teen users, promoting a collaborative approach to social media safety.

In addition to the expanded content filtering, TikTok plans to convene its global Youth Council later this year. The council will serve as a platform for teens to share their experiences and provide feedback on the app.

Earlier this year, TikTok implemented a 60-minute daily screen time limit for all users under 18 and introduced additional caregiver controls for users under 13. The company also announced a $2-million advertising fund for mental health and well-being outreach. These initiatives are part of a broader conversation about social media’s impact on young users’ well-being.

TikTok’s efforts come amidst criticism of social media platforms for their content and usage moderation practices. Critics argue that these practices could be contributing to a worsening mental health crisis and unfairly placing the burden of digital safety on caregivers. In response, TikTok and other companies have introduced additional parental control measures.

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