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From The Trenches: Interview with Erik Huberman, CEO at Hawke Media

Erik Huberman is sick of your bullshit. If you’re one of those guys taking selfies in front of a Bentley, or posing on the beach somewhere, he doesn’t want to hear it. Because, chances are, you’re not going to last.  What lasts is providing value. Day in and day out. Year after year. Through dips in the market, changes in innovation, even through global pandemics. Because if you provide value, ...

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5 Simple Strategies to Get Traffic to Your Blog

One of the more obvious goals of having a website is to attract as many people as you can to visit it. After all, how can you promote your brand, products, and services if there’s nowhere, Ma to hear your message? Websites aren’t like the baseball diamond in Field of Dreams. Just because you build a website, it doesn’t mean that the visitors will come. For entrepreneurs and marketers who ...

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Are You Social Listening? What is it, And Why is it Important?

Ever since social media has gotten attention, and the number of people that started using it grew exponentially, it began to be seen not only as a tool for people to socialize and communicate, it also became a news outlet and classified ads, and for businesses at least a very comprehensive tool that they could take advantage to connect to their customers that are already using the platform which makes ...

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6 Top Reasons Every Business Should Be Active on Social Media Right Now

Social media is a key part of a successful Inbound Marketing strategy. Having accounted for your business provides you with a great number of benefits besides just being caught up with today’s pandemic. Don’t make the mistake of dismissing or misusing social media! You will find that it’s among the most powerful tools of becoming the dominant player in your niche, perhaps even your industry.   The social media demographics ...

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How Social Media Affects Customer Purchasing Behaviors

Social media evolved a lot these past years. It started as a means of sharing photos of family and friends. But now, it’s also one of the most important parts of business marketing strategies. This is understandable since about 74% of consumers use social media to make their buying decisions. The shift isn’t limited to B2C organizations since their B2B counterparts benefit from this as well. Here are some trends ...

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10 Tips for SMBs on How to Use Social Media For Marketing

Social media can be a useful platform for small business advertising and marketing. But that’s only true if you know what you’re doing. One of the oldest truisms in advertising is that you go where your customers are. In the old days, that means advertising on TV and radio. Today, that means going online. More specifically, it means advertising using social media. That’s because that’s where the people are, at ...

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8 Top Skills Every Social Media Manager Must Have

What exactly should you be looking for in a social media manager? This is a question that you should ask yourself when you’re looking for an effective and efficient social media manager for your business. Indeed, your choice will have a significant impact on your business success since whoever you choose will take charge of the development, implementation, and evaluation of your business’ marketing strategies for social media sites. Suffice ...

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7 Biggest Social Media Trends to Watch In 2020

Social Media trends in 2020 will be finding balance across the platform. Brands, both Enterprises and small businesses alike, must extend their reach using the public feed while taking to private channels to focus on one-to-one engagement and deeper relationships with their customers. With more than five billion smartphone users worldwide (both on iOS and Android), it isn’t surprising that the majority of them are regular users of social media; ...

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How To Use LinkedIn To Market Your Business

Ever since social networking platforms became popular, plenty of marketing experts have preached how business owners and managers can use these platforms to boost their business. But not all of these social networking platforms are the same, and the LinkedIn platform is especially different. You may not fully realize its unique features, and this mistake can cause you to make mistakes when you’re trying to use LinkedIn as a way ...

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The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Marketing For Niche Business

You need to plan carefully if you want to use social media to meaningfully connect with your niche audience. Here’s how you do it. Social media can be a useful tool in boosting your niche business. That’s especially true if you do it right. However, you need careful planning to succeed. You can’t just go half-cocked and think you can just do things on the fly. That’s the road to ...

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Appz, a Smart Personal Assistant for Your Instagram

If you have an Instagram account you know that managing and handling it can be quite the nuisance. You need to spend a lot of time writing comments, replying and talking with customers. That’s why you need every helping hand you can get. And it’s a good idea to try Appz if possible. This is a really nice Instagram assistance that allows you to do the right amount of maintenance ...

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15 Hacks to Get More Instagram Followers

Discover how easy it is to increase the number of your Instagram followers. As of June 2018, Instagram has 1 billion active users per month. That’s obviously a lot, and many companies are quite salivating over the prospect of marketing and advertising to that many people. If you can increase your Instagram followers, you can then foster a stronger community for your brand, boost the number of views on your ...

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PatientPop: A Tool For Creating an Online Presence for Doctors

Many doctors have dedicated themselves to their studies simply because they wanted to help treat people and keep them healthy. Unfortunately for those who start their own clinic, their studies haven’t quite prepared them properly. There’s too much of the business aspect of running a doctor’s clinic and the doctor may already be too busy dealing with the medical side. More specifically, doctors don't have time to focus on online ...

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