The Homey Vibe of Contemporary Office Design

The Homey Vibe of Contemporary Office Design

Trends in interior design affect not just the various rooms in houses and apartments, but in offices as well. The way that people work affects their work environment, so it stands to reason that changes in people’s work methods will result in changes in their office interiors and furnishings.

Perhaps the most conspicuous trend in workplace design and office furnishings is the increasing preference for people to personalize their own workspace and furnishings. Workers today prefer the casual and homey atmosphere similar to how relaxed they feel at home.

Reasons for a Homier Office

So what accounts for these changes? Several reasons have been proposed for this trend:

  • The preference for a more casual vibe in office design is consistent with the current tendency for more casual office wear. For more than a decade now, many new companies have tolerated IT pros and creative who wear jeans and shirts—i.e., the clothes they wear at home.
  • Many workers either worked at home at a second job or as their primary workplace. Now that they’re back at a corporate office, they wish to recreate that familiar atmosphere.
  • People are working longer hours, so it’s extremely crucial that they’re in a comfortable space.
  • Workers wish to express more of their personality in every facet of their lives, and that includes the office. They don’t want to be just one of the worker drones.

What Do Modern Workers Want in a Modern Office?

The answer to this question depends on where the workers are located. For the US workers, here are some details about the balance of work and life that have been uncovered by recent surveys:

  • US workers are more likely to eat lunch at their desks. Consequently, they need larger tables where they can put their food and eat even while working.
  • American office workers also tend to store their workout clothes in their offices. This is a way that makes their schedules flow more efficiently. This is a trend that’s not just predominant in the US, but all over the world.
  • Despite the ubiquity of high tech mobile equipment and digital files, analog office items are still popular. People want their desks to have enough space where they can put their pens, notebooks, stationery, and other similar supplies. About 80% of surveyed workers have this attitude, which explains the enduring popularity of office desks with pen holders and drawers for papers.
  • However, there’s one practice in traditional offices that haven’t changed for modern workplaces. Office workers still want to decorate their workspace with personal mementos. Workers, in general, put up pictures of their family, friends, and even pets wherever they can squeeze these photos in. These pictures just make people feel better, though it can be argued that it’s another aspect of how people want their office to feel like home.
  • Comfort is also another crucial factor. That’s why seating now is more comfortable while offices offer more warmth and cleaner lines. Colors in the office tend to be muted, with only occasional bursts of color here and there.


Contemporary office design now emphasizes “making a life” instead of merely making a living. The lines between home and work are blurring more than ever before.

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