Local Roots Automates Indoor Farm With Robots And Tech

Local Roots Automates Indoor Farm With Robots And Tech

Welcome to the future of farming. This is the first thing you see in the Local Roots website, but it’s no idle boast. They design and manufacture TerraFarms, which is an advanced indoor modular farming solution than in some ways is actually even better than organic. These modular farms come with advanced technology that yields more efficient results while reducing the harmful effects of agriculture.

The irrigation system used in these farms is an amazing testament to their commitment to sustainable farming. The system enables them to capture and then reuse the water, yet they’re still able to deliver the required nutrient content for their produce. In fact, it’s so efficient that outdoor agriculture uses up 100 times as much water as the water used in this indoor TerraFarms.

These indoor farms are equipped with advanced sensors that give them control over the water, nutrient, and atmospheric conditions inside the modular farm. Thus, the plants are grown in optimal conditions. This allows them to guarantee much higher production volumes while the growth time increases by 50%.


The LED lights in these modules are also world-class. They’ve been custom-engineered to be much better than standard horticultural lighting. These LED lights enable the farmers to control the intensity of the lights, and even to dial into specific photon wavelengths.

Local Roots maintains their data collection non-stop, which allows them to obtain enough data to monitor plant health and to diagnose problems. This allows TerraFarmers to have more efficient quality control. Local Roots also offers their unique LocalX software which enables the farmers to eliminate tedious tasks. There’s no need to study complicated procedures, as the farmers can concentrate on growing their food.

Research continues within the Local Roots labs so that their list of crops keeps on getting longer. They already have a long list of currently growing crops, with almost a dozen new trial crops and more yet still coming. Their efficiency is remarkable, as a single TerraFarm can produce 4,000 heads of lettuce every 12 days.  The yields are always predictable, as the environment is controlled absolutely and produces growth is ongoing the whole year round.


These farms are great for the environment, as Local Roots has eliminated agricultural run-off and they don’t use herbicides or pesticides. As these modular farms are closer to the consumer, the travel required to bring the produce to the market is reduced by 93%.

With the controlled environment and the extremely efficient system, the people at Local Roots are right. This is the future of farming, or at least it ought to be.


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