Hits Like… Candles: Igniting the Gift-Giving Game for the New Era

Hits Like Candles

Over the past several decades, the gifting landscape has largely relied on traditional tokens to commemorate life’s milestones – from engagements to housewarmings and moments necessitating expressions of sympathy. While a delightful bouquet coupled with a heartfelt card has long held its place in the spotlight, a new brand is set to evolve the concept of gifting. Part card, part flowers, and part functional gift, Hits Like… acts more than a candle company; this brand is seeking to redefine the art of gift-giving, offering an alternative to traditional tokens.

Hits Like… is a response to the quest of the perplexed gift giver, providing a haven for those seeking a meaningful present but struggling to pinpoint the ideal token. These candles act as an eloquent storyteller, each candle embodies not only a scent but a “vibe”, speaking volumes and articulating sentiments that resonate with diverse occasions – whether grand or subtle.

The genesis of Hits Like… was sparked by a genuine desire to offer heartfelt and thoughtful gifts. Conceived by Lilly Crick, the idea originated from a quest to provide solace to a friend mourning the loss of a beloved pet of 15 years. From this intention, Hits Like… “Love” (Vibes Like… “The exact words you need to hear while getting through the day with a shattered heart”) was born, and candles celebrating over 50 occasions have been created since.

Hits Like Candles

Hits Like…Life. This mantra encapsulates the essence of the candle company, aimed at commemorating life’s diverse spectrum of events for today’s Urban Dictionary-connected consumer. With names like Hits Like “Rizz” and Hits Like “End Game,” these candles embody a modern twist, embedding popular Gen Z phrases and trending expressions onto their labels. Each candle comes with a message that serves as a witty, nostalgic reminder of the “vibes” worth reliving, only focusing on the positive spin in any situation.

Crafted meticulously in small batches, these candles are a fusion of soy-blend wax and premium fragrance oils. The production process ensures that each candle carries a scent throw reminiscent of the most luxurious high-end candles in the market.

As Hits Like… continues to weave fragrant narratives, it’s not just about the candles; it’s about the emotions they evoke, the memories they trigger, and the connections they kindle. Whether celebrating engagements and promotions or comforting during breakups and losses, Hits Like…aims at having the perfect candle for the occasion.


Lilly Crick, a former GoDaddy executive, is no stranger to the art of brand building. With a decade leading Global Entertainment Marketing at Red Bull North America and an adept hand in managing premium acquired brands at GoDaddy, including Media Temple and Pagely, Lilly’s passion for crafting unique and meaningful products led her to create Hits Like…candles. Her aspiration? To be there when someone seeks a thoughtful gift, combining Hallmark’s sentiment wrapped in a cool candle.

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