MissGrass, Cannabis Content For The Chics Who Are Embracing The ‘High’ Life

MissGrass, Alternative To Stoner Bro Content For The Chics Who Are Embracing The ‘High’ Life

With cannabis products now legal to buy and use for various applications in many states, it’s not surprising that the market has shifted and expanded. Back in the day, you’ll only really find stoner dude content, but with the legalization, the other demands of the said substance are coming out and making their voices heard.

Miss Grass is an excellent representation of one of these emerging markets. Their female-focused platform provides all sorts of content that are geared towards the needs of women that are related to cannabis and good living. As NYTimes put it, Miss Grass is the glossy version of High Times.

Made by women for women, Miss Grass is an online magazine, cannabis brand, and e-commerce platform all rolled into one. So if you need a quick weed fix in any form, it might be the perfect place to head to.

According to their About page, the brand’s goal is to make cannabis more accessible by making its audience smart about the product. They aim to educate about the plant’s science, culture, history, and the most excellent products available. By providing much-needed information about cannabis, they are fostering transparency in the highly unregulated industry. If a buyer knows what they need, what they should look for, and what kinds of products are available, the better choices they’ll be able to make.

MissGrass, Cannabis Content For The Chics Who Are Embracing The ‘High’ Life

As a magazine, they touch a wide range of topics that are sure to pique the interest of their readers and promote the aesthetic lifestyle that is related to weed. They offer the essential information newbies need, feature inspiring women, talk about the politics related to cannabis products, and general wellness.

As a cannabis purveyor, they promise clean, trusted, and effective products. They prioritize your health and wellness, so you can be sure that they only offer stuff that is good for you.

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