Hire The Right People And Make Recruiting a Seamless Process With Hirefuel

Hire The Right People And Make Recruiting a Seamless Process With HireFuel

Businesses rely heavily on people to succeed. Having a successful product needs to have driven people behind it. And to achieve that, you need to have people who are willing to go out of their comfort zone and commit to your business and their job descriptions with a burning passion.

That’s where Hirefuel comes in. They work as your recruitment team. They make sure that the people in your business have a mindset the same as an entrepreneur. And when talents understand what your goals are, they will do better. 

Hire The Right People And Make Recruiting a Seamless Process With HireFuel
Brent Gilinsky

Hirefuel is not just any recruiting firm. They’ve proven their track record. Brent Gilinksy, the founder of Hirefuel, worked before as a recruiting partner for several successful businesses. His familiarity with the process enables him to set the standards on what the best candidate should possess. 

He used his knowledge and experience over the years to outline the processes Hirefuel follows to provide businesses the best candidates for each role they require.

Other members of the team include Courtney Kronfeld working as the senior recruiter. She has extensive experience with tech startups and has insight regarding what makes a good tech-oriented candidate. Chase Klein is in the same lane as Courtney, and also does well in building communities. He has selected the best candidates best suited for high-profile startups.

Hannah Rosenberg is the recruiting coordinator and possesses excellent interpersonal skills gained from working with top-level executives. This enables her to assess a candidate’s ability to work well with others, which is also an important factor mostly overlooked in extremely efficient startups that put human relationships at the bottom of the list of priorities.

Last but not least is Kristen Frost who has more of a materialistic approach to businesses. This is because she has worked with engineers and businesses which specialize in products. She is the technical sourcer and recruiter which means she knows what skills are needed in which candidates.

Hirefuel gives opportunities for business-to-business or business-to-customer setups, such as executive, operations, data and analytics, accounting, and a lot more.

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