Quilt Launches a Drop-In Audio Social Network Focus on Self Care

Quilt Launches a Drop-In Audio Social Network Focuses on Self Care

Quilt is created with the goal of re-humanizing social media in mind – making it feel safe and inclusive for everyone. They call themselves an “audio social network for live, supportive, feel-good conversations.”

Gone are the days when all that people cared about our physical appearances and lengthy text statements.

Everyone needed to admit that they all missed the classic radio show and how they fell in love with how announcers speak what is on their mind, and people cared less about how they look.

‎Quilt: Supportive Audio Chat Focus on Self Care

It seems that audio-based social media platforms had dominated the market. While it can be attributed to the lockdown restrictions which left most people with nothing to do and more time to just tinker on gadgets, some may be asking why people now prefer an “audio-only” interaction rather than the usual with visuals.

It had a lot to do with the known not so nice effects of social media and how it leaves people more depressed.

Staring at pictures and videos of people who are not just impossibly perfect, but sometimes unnoticeably fake leaves people feeling bad about themselves.

Listening to people though, combined with their real voices leaves everyone feeling better on the contrary.

This is what the people behind the audio social network app, Quilt had in mind when they launched this platform which offers “real-time, feel-good conversations—just like hopping on the phone with a friend when you need it most” as seen on their campaign.

Quilt prides itself for being “a space that prioritizes feelings and personal experiences overlook status, and expertise”

They embrace a community that cares about inclusivity, welcoming all gender identities.

Finally, people choose to do away with status, filters, and comparison. Instead, they just go for good old-fashioned conversations with real people.

The app which focuses on wellness, dividing rooms into three different categories – spiritual and personal development which includes conversations around meditation, astrology, human design, and the likes; career and purpose and relationships, sex and family; allows anyone to start a room for a conversation. Users are asked to make a short description of what they want to talk about.

The platform was said to have put a specific focus on balancing the engagement levels of content creators and consumers.

Quilt’s data shows that 98% of hosts attend other hosts’ conversations and more than 50% of Quilters talk during any given conversation.

This is entirely different from the usual. Youtube for instance has 1% of its users creating content, 9% engaging and 90% just sit back. This is not really interactive and lurkers don’t really feel good about themselves after watching because it would be just like outside looking in.

With Quilters, it would be like getting a consultation from someone who has a chance to get to know the other and tailor-fit their response just like an old-fashioned conversation which everyone needed nowadays.

What started out as a small group who thought video platforms like Zoom just won’t give the same intimacy face-to-face connections could give because people would be too worried about insignificant things, designed Quilt to deliver a more laid back and relaxed way to connect.

Again, audio-based apps like Quilt will dominate the social media platforms because it is about time people return to their real selves, no more filters.

We set out to learn more about the Quilt app from the CEO at Quilt, check out the interview HERE.

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