The Best Apps for LA Residents

The Best Apps for LA Residents

Everyone has a smartphone these days, and there are plenty of apps you can download and use to make your life easier and less boring. If you’re a resident of Los Angeles, you can also find some extremely useful apps that can make life in LA just a tad less intimidating.

The more obvious apps you need to get include Uber, Waze, and Google Maps. You probably have these apps already, and if you don’t you better get them now. After downloading these apps, you can then get the following:

Roaming Hunger

If you’re a fan of food trucks, then you need this app on your smartphone. Roaming Hunger can help you find the food trucks close you where you are. You can find the schedules for these trucks, plus you get menu information and reviews of the various food trucks as well. Download iOS

The Infatuation

This is the grandmother of all LA restaurant apps. It covers just about every restaurant in Los Angeles, and no other app is as comprehensive as this one. You get reviews for each restaurant, along with ratings, links to the menus, and even photos of the food. You also get maps to the restaurants too. Even the design of the app is undeniably elegant, and it’s a pleasure to use. If you have a bunch of friends trying to decide where to eat, this app can really help you guys out. Download iOS

Polis Assist

It’s long been known that you can’t live in LA without a car. But that means parking can be a headache for you. After all, LA does have some rather weird parking signs in so many places.

But you can download Polis Assist, and you get a lot of help. This app can tell you the times when you can or cannot park in certain LA streets, as sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason for the schedule. This can save you a lot of parking tickets, plus the app can even tell you how much the parking meters cost in the various areas. Download iOS


Here’s another parking app, and it’s for those who are tired of planning meticulous routes through the city only to spend half an hour looking for the most affordable parking option.

ParkMe shows you all the different parking lots in LA on a map. You’ll know how much each of these parking lots will cost you and whether they accept credit cards. The app even tells you how full the parking lots are. You can find out when they open and at what time they close, or if they have covered parking. You can even use the app to pay in advance in some cases. Download iOS

Our Malibu Beaches

One of the perks of living in LA is that you get to visit Malibu. That’s an area encompassing 21 miles of terrific beaches. These are actually open to the public according to the California Coastal Act, even if the entitled homeowners in the area put in gates and post security guards. Some of these people even put up No Parking signs!

These homeowners can make it hard for you to get to Malibu, but the Our Malibu Beaches app can help you navigate around these obstacles. It’s designed by environmental activist Jenny Price, and it shows info on 43 beaches in Malibu. You get to find out how to get to the beach you want, how you can get in, and where you can park. It even shows you all the illegal signs you may encounter and safely ignore. In addition, the helpful info includes tips on where you can put your blanket and where the bathrooms are. You even get a nice history of the beach. Download iOS

5 Every Day

Are you feeling bored with no exciting idea of what to do while in LA? Download this extremely minimalist app that will give you suggestions—5 of them—so that you can explore LA and find a bit of fun and excitement. These suggestions all come from longtime LA residents who love the city and want you to love it too. Download iOS

Modern Hiker

This is the app for LA hiking, even if the website is a bit buggy. The mobile app version is terrific though, and you can use the app to find great hiking paths. You can also use the app to make sure you’re keeping to the right trail so that you don’t get lost. Website

Taco Locator

Do you like tacos? Who doesn’t? This app shows support for your taco fetish by finding the taco places nearest to where you are, along with photos and reviews. It’s a simple app with a simple function—finding the tacos! Download iOS

Ecology Center’s Farmer Market Finder

Are you looking for a farmer’s market near you? Visit this website (the mobile version), and you get a map to all the farmer’s markets in LA. You also get a schedule as to when they’re open. It’s technically not an app at all, but then it’s super-useful for those who want fresh ingredients for home cooking. Website

MyLA 311

This is the official app of LA, and surprisingly it doesn’t suck at all. This app lets you do various stuff, like pay your DWP bill and request removal for graffiti or bulky items. The app also lets you report a sidewalk repair problem or a pothole, and homeless encampments too.

Of course, if you’re a cynical fellow you may think that this is just an app for show and the officials won’t actually do anything. But astonishingly, these officials actually address most of the problems reported here. When you fill out a report about a problem, you get a ticket number and even an email when the city has dealt with the problem. Download iOS

To be fair, there are lots of apps available for LA residents. But many of them are embarrassingly useless and terrible. Try out these apps instead, and you may find LA life much easier and more to your liking!

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