23 Best Bars To Network in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA)

23 Best Bars To Network in Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles’ restaurant scene is getting all the buzz right now.  Not only are there some of the best restaurants located in the area, but it’s also one of the best spots in town to throw back a few cocktails. It comes with different options too, like museums, shows, and views of the skyline at night. What makes Downtown stand out from other locations is in the plethora of spots where you can enjoy the food, the drinks, and the company.

Here are some of those locations that you can go to on your next Downtown LA trip. 

1. Everson Royce Bar 

Being a festive location, Everson Royce Bar becomes a favorite for birthday celebrations. It has a stylish bar on the inside. But on the patio outside, you have parties happening that carry the festivities to the extreme. You can book a picnic table for your friends, or you can drop by and enjoy a drink and some biscuits. 

Check out their cocktails and their wines. Head to 1936 E. 7th St., Arts District to find this area. 


2. Atlas 

This took over the spot where Blue J used to be. Atlas is a new addition to the list of places you can visit in Downtown L.A. 

Located at 333 S. Alameda St., Little Tokyo, the place sports a sleek interior, as well as a large, wrap-around bar. You won’t run out of places to sit in to enjoy their wonderful selection of food and drinks. While the food menu comes out short, it has some fancy touches to it. 

They also have a seasonal list of cocktails unique to Atlas. Full with bright flavors that you would find enjoyable and delightful. Give this place a look and experience it. 


3. Bar Clacson 

With inspirations drawn from retro Italian drinking culture, this particular establishment carries that specific style and aesthetic. A great place for happy hour with their $5 cocktails and lower-ABV options that seem to flow freely. 

For a different experience, you can go through a door at the back of Bar Clacson. Through here, you will see the ‘80s themed Slipper Clutch bar. It’s a great place to go for a party scene. You can experience both of these at 351 S. Broadway, Historic Core


4. Bar Franca 

For a good and snug cocktail spot, Bar Franca has you covered. You can enjoy classic cocktails and various selections from their list of natural wines and craft beers. The neon cherries sign and the domed, pink ceiling both evoke a stylish and chic atmosphere. 

With Bar Franca beside the Regent Theater, you can come here for a quick sip before enjoying the show. You can find Bar Franca at 438 S. Main St., Historic Core


5. Bernadette’s 

With the label “dumBest bar in L.A.”, it can make you scratch your head. But entering this establishment would give you a mix of styles. It has the late-midcentury swinger vibes. It also comes with frozé on tap, fitting for the post-millennium taste. 

Couple this with excellent bar food and you have a great hangout location for your friends. You can even check out the Tapper machine for a classic MAME cabinet experience. You can find Bernadette’s at 361 S. Broadway, Downtown

6. Broken Shaker at Freehand L.A. 

This place comes with a lot of noteworthy elements. A rooftop bar with Insta-worthy drinks and a beautiful view of Downtown LA. Put this in your list of places. Broken Shaker at the Freehand Hotel can bring you that unique experience. Just head to 501 S. Spring St., Downtown and you’ll find this interesting spot. 


7. Cole’s French Dip

Landmark saloon, Cole’s, is known for French dip sandwiches and classic cocktails, plus hidden speakeasy in back. Old-school craft cocktails are what make this place worth visiting. Cole’s has that turn-of-the-century roots, making it a great spot to get an awesome drink to chill with. Head to 118 E. 6th St., Downtown to find this place. 

8. Down & Out Bar 

If you go to the Alexandria Hotel at 501 S. Spring St., you will find this sports bar, Down & Out Bar. It is a great place to dance the night away, and to enjoy an awesome drink for a cheap price. Couple that with good music and interesting events, you can also hang out here to watch a game on their TVs. 

9. El Escondite 

For a place that translates to “The Hideout”, it does exactly what the name implies. El Escondite provides an alternative to the crowded bars in Downtown. It also comes with ample parking. Thus, allowing you to enjoy the location without worrying about overpriced parking fees. 

Couple that with a lot of brews to pick from and a full menu, you can make this a great hideaway to relax in. Head to 1631, 410 Boyd St., Downtown


10. The Association 

Being an underground location well-hidden by a heavy door, this can be easy to miss. Seek and you shall find this wonderful place. When you do, you will find this hidden gem a great spot with its wonderful and impressive selection of classic cocktails. It also has a nice ambiance to go with. 

Head to 110 E. 6th St., Downtown to find The Association


11. General Lee’s 

This “modern tiki bar” at 475 Gin Ling Way, Chinatown provides options to work with on its two levels. The ground floor has a nightclub-style, with tables and a DJ booth. The loft at General Lee’s has a cozy feel that gives out the atmosphere akin to house parties with great drinks. 


12. Hank’s Bar 

Hank’s Bar offers a different style when compared to the other bars. Located next door to the Stillwell Hotel, this establishment glows red for you to enjoy your drink in a different light. You can find this one at 840 S. Grand Ave., Downtown

13. Here and Now 

A bar with a name, Here+Now, that makes you take the present is something to keep an eye on. It was first known as Westbound, then it changed names and went for a rebrand in 2018. Upon its return, Here and now comes with great food options and rotating seasonal menus. 

Make sure to book your reservations in advance. This should help you enjoy the night there without worry. Head to 300 S. Santa Fe Ave., Arts District to find this establishment. 


14. La Cita 

La Cita fits as an anchor to the ever-changing Downtown scene. This traditional Latin dance club opens the floor to a young, hip crowd for DJ-driven parties. It works as a place where you can enjoy the old-school L.A. At the same time, you can find fun DJ nights in this area. It also comes with Funky Reggae Party on Friday evenings and Cumbia Fever on Thursdays.  You can find La Cita at 336 S Hill St., Downtown

15. Las Perlas 

Hipsters pack this stylish Mexican hot spot for a huge menu of mescal, tequila & cocktails. Something with a Latin feels Las Perlas has a great selection of drinks like margaritas that hit the spot. You can even couple it with their tacos and unlimited nachos and mimosas. Mark your map and go to 107 E. 6th St., Downtown. 

16. Melody Lounge 

Another Chinatown location you can visit is at 939 N. Hill St. Melody Lounge, a red-hued bar with strung Chinese lanterns offering cash-only craft beers & cocktails. You can dance to the DJ’s tunes in a low-key area. They also have excellent craft beer at affordable prices. They have cocktails that you can try out but you can’t say no to the craft beer. 


17. Mignon 

Quiet, cozy wine bar pairs unique pours with small plates of French bistro fare, plus happy hour. Mignon‘s rustic décor, French cuisine, and a great selection of wines. This is what makes Mignon a go-to spot in Downtown. It also allows for deeper conversations too. You can find this at 128 E 6th St Los Angeles, CA


18. NoMad Hotel 

NoMad hotel has a bar worth visiting, even if you are not staying for the night. Giannini Bar has cocktails and drinks that you can go for, letting you enjoy and blend into the hotel’s atmosphere. You can find this at 649 S. Olive St., Downtown


19. Oriel Chinatown

The notable shades of pink, with hanging plants and modernist furniture. It also comes with exposed-brick walls. Oriel Chinatown pushes more of the French aesthetic, making it a wine bar with chic and sass. It also serves menu items befitting an old-school bistro. Such as escargots and Croque monsieur. 

What makes this stand out is the wine, evident in the options they offer. In case you feel overwhelmed by the choices, the staff comes with a cheerful smile. You can find Oriel at 1135 N. Alameda St., Chinatown


20. The Redwood Bar & Grill 

A festive Downtown institution, The Redwood Bar & Grill offers pub grub & live music in a sunken pirate ship setting. This nautical-themed bar carries a name that suits a forest-based location. Don’t let the name throw you off, though. This bar and grill work out like a seafarer’s haunt after a long day. Check out their fish and chips, as well as other items that suit your fancy. 

You can find the Redwood at 315 W. 2nd St., Downtown

21. Resident 

Resident is this cool, hip, funky industrial-chic bar with outdoor space, craft cocktails, draft beers, DJs & live music. For something different, imagine if you have Austin’s SXSW festival scaled-down and compressed into one place. Resident fits that description. You have a beer garden on the outside. Airstream trailers converted into bars and foodservice. 

Head inside and you have an intimate performance space, perfect for DJ nights and live music. Couple that with fast drink service and the best bar food from KTCHN DTLA. This makes the Resident a great place to be in. Head to 428 S. Hewitt St., Arts District to enjoy this experience. 


22. Tony’s Saloon 

If you happen to be in the Arts District, bored out of your mind, go to Tony’s Saloon. This masculine old-school joint goes hip with craft cocktails & beer plus pool, Ping-Pong & music nights. You can also get some drinks and even enjoy their happy hour deals. Such as the $7 craft cocktails, $4 Miller High Life, and pizza. Head on out to 2017 East 7th Street, Downtown Los Angeles.


23. Wolf & Crane Bar 

Super hip late-night watering hole featuring imaginative cocktails & DJs in a relaxed setting. Wolf & Crane Bar is the spot you MUST check out. A good place that you can check out in Little Tokyo is at 366 E. 2nd St. Wolf & Crane has that energy and inspiration that you find in Japanese bars. You can enjoy some classic Suntory Toki Whisky in here, as well as the pulsing beats from their DJs.  


Visit Downtown L.A. While You Can 

With these locations now on your list, you have more reasons to go to Downtown LA. You can come alone or with friends. Make sure you take your time to enjoy the night.

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