Elementary Robotics Raised New Funding, $3.6M, Hiring 7

Pasadena-based, Elementary Robotics is a full-stack robotics startup tackling machine learning for robot hardware from the ground up. Their goal is to create assistive tools to improve the human output of repetitive tasks.

Check out these awesome opportunities …

Mechanical Engineering Jobs

  • Mechanical Engineer – Robotics
    • You will work on all aspects of our robots.
    • The role spans from designing structures and transmission systems to working with our manufacturing partners to bring your designs to life.
    • You’ll also work closely with our in-house design team to create clever solutions that meet requirements from all sides.

Software Engineering Jobs

  • Computer Vision Engineer
    • You will interact with data from Elementary’s onboard vision sensors and will perform segmentation, stitching, and other algorithms.
    • You’ll be working closely with Elementary’s core SDK and machine learning engineers to optimize the performance of its vision algorithms and develop innovative solutions for Elementary’s customers with inspection, 3D reconstruction, and other use cases.
  • DevOps Engineer
    • You will work with the core SDK team to design the containerization and communication protocols that our SDK is built atop.
    • You’ll also design and implement the IoT and web service aspects of Elementary’s cost-effective and scalable manner.
  • Firmware Engineer
    • You will be responsible for all aspects of embedded development.
    • The ideal candidate is proficient in C and has strong experience developing and debugging performant, bare metal embedded applications.
  • Machine Learning Engineer
    • You will be responsible for developing supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms and applications atop our robotic systems.
    • The ideal candidate keeps up-to-date with industry and academic trends and is able to train models using off-the-shelf frameworks and create custom architectures to meet customer needs.
  • Software Engineer – Core SDK
    • You will be responsible for developing features and owning aspects of the SDK product in order to best meet our customers’ needs.
    • The ideal candidate is experienced in C++ and Python and is familiar with containerization technology.
  • Software Engineer – Robotics
    • You will be responsible for implementing kinematics, dynamics, calibration, path planning, control and other algorithms for our robotics platform.
    • The ideal candidate has experience developing these applications for robotic systems as well as a strong software engineering background to implement the data structures and algorithms in a performant, memory-efficient fashion.

Benefits + Perks

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