Drive an Electric Car Without The Hassle With The Help of Borrow

Drive an Electric Car Without The Hassle With The Help of Borrow

Back in the old days, you either buy a car or rent one for you to drive one. Today, however, more modes of acquiring a vehicle are available. Manufacturers and third-party companies now offer leasing and subscriptions, providing you more ways to get access to a car on a term that’s most suitable to you.

Leasing is an already old concept as many manufacturers are already offering such services to their clients. Subscriptions, however, are still pretty novel, which is probably why they’re often confused with leasing. Their main difference is that subscriptions are usually shorter in terms of duration. So if you only need a car for a couple of months, you can just go for such services for your convenience.

Borrow is one of the car subscription services that is gaining a lot of buzzes lately. It’s a specialized service as they only offer electric vehicles. Their fleet is composed of a Smart Fortwo, Fiat 500e, BMW i3, and a Tesla Model S. With this selection; you can try various electric cars without having to commit to one for the long-term. So those who aren’t sure which EV to get can also opt for a subscription service first to test things out.

The biggest charm of Borrow is its wide range of options. They have offerings at various price points, so anyone who wants to drive an electric car can have a chance to do so.

How exactly does Borrow work? Aside from getting to choose an EV from their fleet, you can also easily select the duration of your subscription. You can go for a 3, 6, or 9-month duration for any of their cars. Each vehicle has specific pricing, ranging from budget-friendly to the expensive option.

Note, however, that their rates do not cover insurance yet, unlike other car subscription services. They can assist you in finding one, however, and bundle the price with your monthly rates.

With a quick and painless signup procedure, Borrow might just give you the easiest way to get a car.

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