ringDNA’s AI Sales Engagement Platform to Help Businesses Scale Revenue Growth

RingDNA Launches an AI Sales Engagement Platform to Helps Businesses Scale Revenue Growth

Despite the many advances in technology today that allow brands to do business on various platforms, phone services will always be an essential component of many operations. This kind of connection just hits differently compared to other methods of reaching out to potential customers.

However, not all sales engagement products are worth your while. Some will always perform better than the others, especially in terms of features and value. If you want one of the best options out there, however, ringDNA would be worth looking into.

ringDNA is dubbed as a revenue acceleration platform that is designed to assist in businesses’ efforts in scaling growth with the help of AI. ringDNA has enabled over a billion customer interactions for customers like Twilio, AWS, HPE, etc since 2012 They offer different solutions based on the industry and segment and they also provide services based on functions and needs.

As its name might suggest, however, its products are primarily voiced call-centric. Their primary offerings are their Intelligent Dialer, sales playbook automation, conversation AI, and Inbound Call Tracking. With these, clients can get lead prioritization and high-velocity dialing, real-time AI-powered metrics and smart analytics, sales email automation, as well as CRM data capture. It’s designed to make voice call operations more effective, result-driven, and informative.

Its capabilities are also not just handy for making sales. Lots of clients also found its technology useful in coaching and training representatives in handling calls better. In other cases, ringDNA helped brands to speed up their onboarding process which then boosts productivity rates and decreases new hire ramp times.

ringDNA is also well-known for being a highly useful integration for SalesForce. It enhances the capabilities of the said service, making different areas of operations more manageable for lots of brands.

All in all, ringDNA’s promise to provide different kinds of solutions for every part of a brand’s sales process holds water. It’s a comprehensive tool that might prove to be indispensable to many brands and operations in various fields and industries.

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