Vertebrae Launches 3D & Augmented Reality (AR) Commerce Solutions for Enterprise Retailers

Vertebrae Launches 3D & Augmented Reality (AR) Commerce Solutions for Retailers

Sizing and fitting are possibly the biggest hurdles in E-Commerce. While online shopping provides consumers a very convenient way to get the stuff they want and need, it still lacks the ability to let you see just how an item will look on you or your space. Some folks are just not willing to take such a huge risk so they still choose to head to the stores instead.

An emerging solution to this issue is 3D and AR technologies. By adding such elements to your business’ e-commerce platform, you can provide an effective way for your customers to visualize your products on them or their space. Vertebrae Technology offers such services and has already proven how beneficial it can be for enterprises in various fields.

Classified as an AR/VR agency, Vertebrae provides the tech to brands and retailers that will allow their online shoppers to try on their stuff digitally. With the use of augmented reality, people shopping at home can superimpose the items they’re eyeing on themselves or their space at home to see if they look great. So instead of actually trying them on or taking measurements at the store and imagining how they might look, shoppers can just point their devices’ cameras where they want to see the item on and they’ll already get to experience the items they’re eyeing.

It’s a very convenient service online retailers can offer, especially during these times as we battle a health crisis. With brick and mortar stores having great difficulties in ensuring the safety of their employees and customers, it would be better if shoppers don’t need to touch the stuff that they’re planning to buy. By providing another way for them to visualize and experience how products will work for them and their space, businesses will be able to minimize health risks effectively.

While the quality of the images still depends on various factors, it can already make do for many occasions. As Vertebrae also guarantees high quality and frictionless performance, consumers can certainly find such add-ons useful and convenient.

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