Military-Grade Encryption VPN Device Created by Former JPL Mechanical Engineers

Military-Grade Encryption VPN Device Created by LA Mechanical Engineers from JPL

Many savvy smartphones, tablet, and laptop users utilize a virtual private network (VPN) to surf anonymously, stay protected from malware, and avoid censorship, among others. But why stop there? There’s a new gadget that can provide these useful services, as well as allow individuals and organizations secure and remote access to their home and office networks.

The izzbie ONE is an all-in-one VPN device that offers a personal cloud, online security, and a private local area network. This means that as you access your private network at home or in the office, your online activities will be protected without encryption.  

Plus, there’s no need to go through third-party providers, such as Apple and Dropbox. These providers can encrypt files and messages but keep in mind that these can still be hacked in theory.


With izzbie ONE, you can also access geo-restricted websites and their contents, as is the case with the strict censorship laws in China. Basically, it’s a useful tool for accessing the Internet without your location determining the content you can see.  

You will then be able to enjoy complete privacy and safety online. No wonder that it’s a device gaining more acceptance among digital nomads, the entrepreneurs running their own businesses on the road.

The izzbie ONE is a small black box device with plug-and-play features. Just plug it into your router using an Ethernet connection, go to your computer’s control panel, and add the internal IP addresses of the items that will be connected.

These can be your network attached storage (NAS), IP cameras, video game devices, and wireless printers. You can connect as many local networks as you want, too. You can, for example, print a paper from your laptop while in a hotel to your printer at home.

You may also build a virtual mesh network with multiple locations provided these are all connected to izzbie ONE. Think of it as being in all or any of these locations without physically being there.

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