Certified Yoga Teachers Launches Stylish Indie Artist-Designed Yoga Pants

Certified Yoga Teachers Launches Indie Artist-Designed Yoga Pants in LA

Yoga pants in solid colors like black, white and gray can be too boring. Enter the printed yoga pants manufactured by Sankalpa and you will never wear solid-colored yoga pants ever again!

Josh and Elyse Nickell, the husband-and-wife team behind Sankalpa, are certified yoga teachers who wanted to incorporate colors into their yoga mats. They commissioned independent artists from around the world to design prints and patterns for yoga mats – and these have become a success. The duo then decided to take a similar path with yoga pants and, thus, the Sankala yoga pants were created.


Sankalpa currently offers more than 60 designs but the number is set to increase so there will always be a design for every preference. These designs are creatively named to reflect yoga concepts, such as chakras, as well as feature a rainbow of colors rendered in vivid detail.

While these are primarily designed for use in yoga, you can also use them in a wide range of occasions. You can wear them to your non-yoga gym workouts, to run errands, and to casual gatherings with your family and friends, even as maternity pants in your first trimester. You may even wear them as a conversation starter, thanks to their attractive patterns and colors.

The yoga pants are made from a blend of synthetic fibers – 82% poly and 18% spandex. The patterns are printed on the fabric using a sublimation printing process, which ensures the colors remain vivid even after several piles of washing.


The high-quality microfiber yarn feels soft on the skin, aside from its moisture-wicking, quick-drying breathable quality. You will like that the leggings feel stretchy without tearing at the seams while you’re in advanced poses.

The fabric’s four-way stretch and minimal compression qualities make the leggings suitable for low-impact sports, too.  The leggings are 100% opaque with white backings so even when you’re bending forward or backward, your undies will not be exposed. There are no logos and pockets, which can be expected on yoga pants.

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