GMass: Powerful Mail Merge for Gmail – Send & Schedule Mass Email

Among the many online marketing techniques available today, e-mail campaigns prove to be highly effective when done correctly. This is why there are tons of mass emailing software programs available today as they prove to have a very robust market. When it comes to these tools, however, GMass proves to be cut above the rest with what it can offer.

The first thing that sets GMass apart is its interface. As it’s meant to be integrated with your Gmail account, it doesn’t require you to learn a whole different email agent. This makes GMass vastly different from its competitors as most users will be familiar with its interface from the get-go.

Its design also makes GMass perfectly easy to work with. As it doesn’t make it necessary for you to get acquainted with the basics of its interface, you can already focus on how you can send mass emails that do not sound like such.

As one of the drawbacks of email campaigns is their generic and impersonal vibe, GMass will allow you to customize your emails without too much fuss. How? For starters, it also integrates seamlessly with Google Sheets. This makes it simpler for you to load information from your spreadsheet and use them on your emails with just a few clicks.

Another way how it can make your email campaign seem more personalized is its feature that will allow you to send emails as replies to your last conversations with your recipient. So if you need to respond with similar information to several people all at once, this can come in handy. It will also allow you to make the exchange appear more personal.

Loaded with other features that are also guaranteed to help make email marketing measures simpler, GMass can really be the efficient email software every business needs.

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