/ / Luxury Presence Raised $5.4 Million in Funding

Luxury Presence Raised $5.4 Million in Funding

Luxury Presence Raised $5.4 Million in Funding

Where the money goes, tech support services follow. This is especially true in LA, where the real estate market is undeniably huge. Traditionally, this niche wasn’t all that enthusiastic about embracing new technology. But more and more industry players have realized the need for high tech to improve marketing and services, and to boost revenues.

This is where Luxury Presence comes in. This startup offers real estate agents a wide range of digital marketing services. It has grown remarkably, and now it has received an additional $5.4 million in funding to boost its growth even further. The money will be mainly to help with the increase in services.

The new financing came from several investors. The previous investors who pitched in included Switch Ventures, along with Blaine Vess, Jonathan Erlich, Peter Kelly, and Gerald Risk. Several new investors also joined, including Toba Capital and Bessemer Venture Partners.


Luxury Presence was able to build excellent real estate website platforms for its clients during the past year. Their focus was on building websites that generated leads for real estate agents. These sites were both functional and attractive, and they were also easy to customize to fit the preferences of their particular users.

For 2020, Luxury Presence intends to offer and build a full digital marketing solution for their clients. These are the real estate agents who want useful and attractive sites that are effective in generating leads.

Luxury Presence is just one of the many new companies that have sprouted in LA to provide service for the real estate industry. More than a hundred of these companies have been founded, and together they have raised an astounding $2.4 billion in financing.

Congrats team.

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