Lambs Launches Radiation-Proof Underwear for Your Goods

Lambs Launches Radiation-Proof Underwear for Your Goods

Advanced tech in clothing is not a novel concept nowadays. From spacesuits to day to day workwear, a lot of garments are already specialized to address various needs and requirements of different wearers. Most of them are designed to provide protection against harmful elements or to survive harsh working environments while people go about their daily tasks.

However, there are still a few more areas where we might need protection but haven’t been getting any yet. This is why Lambs Clothing seems to be onto something as they offer protective underwear.

Technically, undergarments are meant to be some sort of protective wear, right? They’re to keep our delicate parts from chafing and rubbing against rough materials. They’re also meant to keep our bits in place so we’ll be more comfortable as we move through the day.

But as it turns out, our undies can still be improved by adding more protective features to it. Lambs Clothing promises to ‘keep the bad off your goods’ in various ways. Through their special technology, they aim to help promote wearers’ better health and overall wellbeing.


How? Their most basic offerings are meant to protect wearers from harmful radiation, UV rays, and germs. With their proprietary WaveStopper® technology, they promise to block up to 99% of wireless radiation (EMF) that is believed to cause cancer and fertility problems. It’s also equipped with antibacterial and antiviral XSoft Silver® fibers that promise to shield you from microorganisms that can be injurious to your health. All of their items are rated UPF50 as well, promising ample UV ray protection while you work under the sun.

Aside from these, some special items also have additional protective features that you can take advantage of. Some lines can also contain technology that allows them to regular heat or avoid wrinkling. As a result, you can get more from your purchase.

Expect their products to be on the pricier side, however, since their items are packed with features you won’t get elsewhere. But if you believe that they’ll help your health, then, you can count them as investments.

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