The Best Pizza Restaurants in Los Angeles for Lunch

The Best Pizza Restaurants in Los Angeles for Lunch

People loving pizza is universal, but it doesn’t mean everything is equal in quality. It’s the golden age of pizza-making in L.A., but disappointing pizzas are still out there. But with years of experience, the places listed in this post offer some of the best pizza in Los Angeles.

Best Pizza Restaurants in Los Angeles to Eat

As proof, here’s our list of the most essential spots to get the best pizzas in town.

1. Crossroads Kitchen

It’s undeniable that Crossroads is one of the most definitive restaurants in West Hollywood. They give off a nice restaurant vibe with their well-maintained tablecloths and their elevated yet approachable location. The best part is that their vegan pizzas are so delicious that even people who like meat more find it appetizing.

This restaurant wants nothing to do with fake cheese. Their almond-based ricotta is great and it works well with their fresh pizza. You can tell since they’re bright and scrumptious. Yelp


2. Ronan

Daniel and Caitlin Cutler had to close up Sotto, but their famous and beloved wood-fired pizzas live on through Ronan. This powerhouse is another great addition to the restaurant lineup located between Fairfax and La Brea. Their menu consists of fresh, local produce coupled with locally-raised protein.

Their best seller is their wood-fired pizza lineup. But you can also get the Sweet Cheeks to complement your pizza. It’s made with house guanciale, ricotta forté, and cacio e “pepe honey”, which makes it a savory, must-order dessert. Yelp


3. Pitfire Pizza

This is a fast-casual mini-chain that most people can access within the neighborhood. What makes their pizza great is the perfect ratio between the toppings, the cheese, and the crust. Their wood-burning oven became an inspiration to several equally impressive establishments.

Pitfire Pizza distinguishes itself with its seasonal pies as well as its beer offerings. This will certainly make you come back for more. Of course, that’s a good thing for you and the business. Yelp


4. 800 Degrees

This pizzeria, 800 Degrees, offers fast service with its quick turnaround and conveyor belt style. When it first opened, the hype surrounding it was enormous. After all, it’s a concept from the people behind Umami and they can serve your pizza within two minutes.

This hype is well-deserved since they cook their crusts perfectly. The best part is that you can customize each pizza using top-quality ingredients that range from fresh mozzarella to home-made pesto. You can combine several ingredients to make the pizza of your dreams.


5. Cosa Buona

This is one of the most classic neighborhood pizzerias around town, Cosa Buona Pizzeria. This aesthetic is due to the lens filter by Zach Pollack, an acclaimed chef. Their pizza is perfect with its bubbly, charred, and wood-fired state. 

A lot of people say that a bite of a Cosa Buona pizza has the perfect amount of chew. The dough stretches out of your mouth like how the cheese does. Their ingredients are premium, like smoked scarmorza, maitake mushrooms, and mustard greens. Yelp


6. Casa Bianca Pizza Pie

This pizzeria’s focus is more on the family-style theme with checkered table cloths and garlic-stuffed pizza. Regardless, Casa Bianca’s renowned thin crust isn’t something you should take lightly. Each topping will resonate with you, and the fried eggplant makes a great follow-up. Yelp


7. Hollywood Pies

This establishment used to be a covert operation that ran in an alley. Now, Hollywood Pies became one of the most heavy-hitting pizza establishments around. Part of its success comes from the fact that it’s the only true Chicago-style deep-dish enterprise within L.A.

Heavy-hitting is the right term since their deep dish is more of a casserole than the traditional pizza. It’s delicious, full of cheese and sauce—something that can surprise a first-timer. It’s filled with baby bella mushrooms as well as fresh ricotta, and a single slice from it has several layers that can make you enter a food coma. Yelp


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