Fernish Launches Premium Furniture Rentals For Every Taste

Fernish Launches Premium Furniture Rentals For Every Taste

With today’s lifestyles and economy, it’s making less and less sense to buy stuff. It also helps that more and more businesses are offering rental services so you don’t really have to purchase and commit to a lot of things anymore. Aside from houses and cars, however, you can now also rent furniture. Fernish, a furniture subscription, and rent-to-own service make this possible. And, recently raised $15M from Khosla, Jeff Wilke, Spencer Rascoff, others.

There are honestly so many reasons why someone wouldn’t want to own home furnishings. Those who move a lot, for one, will find such a service very handy. Those who treat their homes as works in progress and can’t find the perfect pieces just yet can also find renting a more ideal solution for their needs at the time being. Those who want to change things up every now and then in their home will also find renting furniture a practical way to do things their way.


The goal of Fernish is very simple: “take the moving out of moving.” It was born out of the founders’ frustration from how fussy moving apartments can be. It has always been this case so it’s just about time for things to change.

How it works is also very simple: users are charged a monthly fee based on the length of their subscription and the items they want. And if you fell in love with the items you rented, you can also opt to buy them, just pay the difference from their retail price.

Aside from its convenience, Fernish is also quite an eco-friendly option. If you can’t shell out for nice furnishings but don’t want to buy cheap ones, then renting would be the best alternative. This way, you won’t be kicking out unwanted or broken furniture to the curb anymore. And if you want new pieces, you can always just swap out what you have without having to worry about how to dispose of the ones you used to have.

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