Acre Launches a Marketplace for Gold

Acre Launches a Marketplace for Gold

It would be hard to argue against the reliability of gold as a form of investment. The qualities of this precious metal make it one of the most coveted in the world which also helps it maintain its value. As a result, it continues to make sense in investing in it as a way of saving and growing one’s wealth.

Unfortunately, traditionally, you need a significant amount of money to start investing in gold. May it be in the form of jewelry or gold bars, starting out would require a good amount of money. It tends to put off some people as it doesn’t offer an easy way to kick start their gold investment journey.

Acre Gold wants to change this by helping you start building up the amount you need to buy your own gold eventually. Their services are somewhat similar to a savings plan but instead of just keeping your money for interest, they’ll save it for you until you have enough to purchase a gold bar. It can also be compared to a subscription service where your monthly payments are accumulated to be equal to the value of a 2.5 gram (0.0881 oz) .9999 fine gold bar.

With Acre Gold, you only really need to shell out $50 or even $30 to start investing in gold. By making monthly payments of the same amount, you can eventually build up the amount you need to buy a gold bar. Once your money hits the price threshold, the gold bar will be discreetly shipped to you.

With just an upfront $12 membership fee, you can already start slowly saving up for a gold bar. It’s a simple and fuss-free way to turn your savings into gold, so it’s quite an interesting and attractive opportunity. And with the value of gold tripling in the last 20 years, it might just really be the perfect way for you to start setting aside some wealth.

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