7 Standout Restaurants in Los Angeles to Celebrate Mother’s Day

7 Standout Restaurants in Los Angeles to Celebrate Mother's Day

Restaurant businesses are slowly recovering from the combined restrictions both the government and the pandemic created. Diners haven’t had the chance to go out that much. A few restaurants have opened and closed but these seven places on the list are a good way to start the eat-out experience again.

7 Dining Destinations in Los Angeles to Eat Right Now

Sant’olina is a melting pot of Israeli and Mediterranean cuisine with a Southern California spin

Location: 9876 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, Yelp

California isn’t a stranger to Mediterannean food. Its geography provides dry summers and rainy seasons at the end of the year. Sant’olina’s menu reflects its region’s climate. Customers can choose to eat Pacific oysters or a variety of smoked fish. For vegans, Sant’olina has various offerings like grain bowls, greens, and crop-based dishes.

The view in this restaurant is as colorful as the reds, greens, and yellows of the products they use. The restaurant has wide-open spaces that extend into the warm summer air of Beverly Hills. Chefs Burt Bakman and Michael Teich give customers hints of Israeli, Moroccan, and Syrian flavors in their culinary creations.

7 Standout Restaurants in Los Angeles to Celebrate Mother's Day
Image by Sant’olina

Saso, an open-air seating, cocktails, Basque Spanish restaurant

Location: 37 S El Molino Ave., Pasadena, Yelp

There are a lot of seafood restaurants in the Pasadena area. For individuals looking for a new place to hang out, Saso may just be the next best place. They’re not coastal – Pasadena is about 30 to 90 minutes away from the nearest shore – but they provide customers a taste of the ocean. 

Chef Dominique Crisp gives his customers an experience of heritage, ocean, and coastal life. The restaurant is ideal for customers wanting to experience outdoor dining. The venue is always open for brunch and dinners. The menu isn’t limited to seafood though – customers can have a go at their gourmet steaks and Pasadenian vineyard wines from the Byron Blatty or Mission Wines.

7 Standout Restaurants in Los Angeles to Celebrate Mother's Day - Saso Bistro
Image by Saso Bistro

AGL’s Craft Meats, Texas Style BBQ in LA

Location: 8472 S. Central Avenue

Owner Alec Lopez brings local Texas cuisine to LA with smoked meats, black level briskets, and juicy ribs. He makes sure the customers know it’s the real deal with the thousand-gallon pit smoker. It’s the only one in the area and is the main attraction for customers. View-wise, it isn’t at the top of the charts but customers get more than what they pay for with the food.

7 Standout Restaurants in Los Angeles to Celebrate Mother's Day - AGLs Craft Meats
Image by AGLs Craft Meats

Ospi fantastic Southern Italian restaurant with handmade pasta, pizzas

Location: 2025 Pacific Ave., Venice, Yelp

There’s more Mediterannean experience for diners out there. Ospi specializes in foods inspired by South Italy. The pasta is all homemade, paying homage to the Italian way of making food. The pizza is also exceptional, with crusts as thin and crispy as crackers. Owner-operator Jackson and Melissa took inspiration from their frequent visits to Rome and their “chance encounter” with Antico Forno Roscioli.

This is the second restaurant managed by Chef Jackson Kalb, owner of Jame Enoteca in El Segundo, California. 

7 Standout Restaurants in Los Angeles to Celebrate Mother's Day - OSPI Venice
Image by OSPI Venice

Morihiro, Fine Japanese Comfort Food

Location: 3133 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, Yelp

With coastal regions to exploit, Japanese cuisine is a good choice for restaurateurs. Chef Morohiro Onodera worked with restaurants before, bringing quality food to deserve stars from Michelin. The quiet but contemplative sushi master has trained several individuals in the art of sashimi and all food-things Japanese. 

For a truly Japanese dining experience, diners should try the Mori omakase. If it were the regular season, customers are looking to eat at a white oak counter while the bespectacled chef prepares several courses. The pandemic isn’t friendly with businesses so he decided to change the business model. Customers can experience an omakase for $50, with all the ingredients remaining authentic. The ingredients are all flown in from Japan.

7 Standout Restaurants in Los Angeles to Celebrate Mother's Day - Morihiro Sushi
Image by Morihiro Sushi

Ditroit, Casual Mexican Dining Experience in the heart of DTLA

Location: 2132 E 7th Pl, Los Angeles, Yelp

It would be a massive disrespect for readers if at least one Mexican restaurant isn’t on this list. The demographic in Los Angeles County alone includes 4.9 million Hispanics. This taqueria near Eastern Los Angeles satisfies cravings not normally found in other types of restaurants. 

Ditroit uses Californian produce to give an authentic Mexican experience. Diners can choose from quesadillas, smoked clams, tacos, and salads. The offerings are as varied, and also depend on the season. 

The restaurant is managed by a trio. The head of the kitchen, Jesus Cervantes recommends the fish flauta. He says tacos aren’t usually made with fish, and this experiment is his favorite. 

7 Standout Restaurants in Los Angeles to Celebrate Mother's Day - Ditroit Mexican
Image by Ditroit

Gigi’s chic bistro gives the Hollywood Media District a few French classics done with California flair

Location: 904 N Sycamore Ave, Los Angeles, Yelp

Gigi’s provides a glamorous dining experience in the middle of posh Sycamore Avenue. The place has stylish galleries and high median households. This restaurant provides apt French cuisine for diners.

It’s an impressive place to dine, with offerings of premium steaks to more experimental kettle chips with caviar dips. There’s also the staple bread found in French cuisine – the bread is made with butter that’s been fermented for three days. The restaurant still attempts to give off Mediterranean vibes with its seafood. Customers can have a taste of fresh shrimp cocktails while experiencing the beautiful wooden interiors of the restaurant.

7 Standout Restaurants in Los Angeles to Celebrate Mother's Day - Gigis
Image by Gigi’s

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