WaveXR Launches Multi-Channel Virtual Entertainment Platform for Live Concerts

WaveXR Launches Multi-Channel Virtual Entertainment Platform for Live Concerts

With live music events being put on hold for the moment, digital concerts are taking center stage nowadays. They may not offer the same exact experience as seeing your favorite musicians and performers live but they’re the safest options we now have, so they will make do. With a high-quality sound system, you can still be sure to have a great time.

However, with modern technology advancing by the day, new alternatives to live music events are being created. WaveXR is a top example of such. Described as a “multi-channel virtual entertainment platform for live concerts”, they aim to take shows beyond.

What makes WaveXR different from the various streaming platforms used by musicians right now? Their most distinctive feature is the way they stage virtual concerts. By creating virtual settings and hosting live concerts there, their shows are set apart from the rest.


They use cutting-edge broadcast technology to transform artists in real-time into digital avatars. They then put them on a virtual stage that comes with amazing visuals and customized interactions based on the specific styles of the artists. These shows called ‘Waves’ are then made to be interactive and social as if you’re on an actual live show but in a virtual environment. They’re also free to attend and use some of the largest social and gaming platforms available today.

Unlike watching recorded performances, Waves promise a more interactive show that will make you enjoy a similar experience to a live concert. The energy of the crowd and the actual reaction to it by the artists will be enjoyed by viewers.

Initially created to provide artists a way to reach wider audiences using technology, WaveXR is also proving to be very handy now that the population is forced to stay at home. They promise a win-win scenario for performers and audiences alike by creating a new virtual space where people can be together safely.

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