PocketList Launches Rental Platform to Connects Landlords to Renters

PocketList Launches Rental Platform to Connects Landlords to Renters

A bag of mixed emotions always comes with the task of scouting for a new apartment. It’s exciting because it means a new start and a new place to explore but it’s also tiring and frustrating. So much so that some folks dread moving.

If only there’s something like a review app for apartments for rent, right?

Well, if you live in LA, then PocketList might make the search easier and less frustrating for you. With $2.8MM in Seed Funding and 20K+ rental units in Los Angeles, this new digital service makes it possible for renters to rate their place so apartment hunters can get a good idea of what certain apartments are really like.

The idea is a pretty novel so bear with us while we try to explain what it is. Basically, it’s a lot like Yelp but for rental properties.  Users can share photos, reviews, and ratings of the properties they’ve lived in before. They can also ask questions about any particular unit and those who lived there before can answer.


It’s also possible to rate the apartment you’re currently living in. This doesn’t mean that you’re announcing that it’s already for rent, though. In fact, it won’t be declared as such until you’ve already found a new place and gave your moving out notice to your landlord.

There’s no need to worry about your privacy or causing confusion in this website because the unit’s address is never indicated in the apartment pages. Users’ names and profile photos are also not displayed to avoid discrimination from property managers and landlords.

But how will it help you find your next apartment, you ask? You can add certain places as favorites as you browse through the rentals in this service and once they’re available again, you’ll be notified. It will also allow you to contact landlords and property managers without giving your personal details right away. So if you sign up, you practically have one foot inside the door already.

With how difficult apartment hunting can be, especially in LA, this service might give you the assistance you need for a less fussy moving process.

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