EquityBee Launches Stock Option Platform for Startup Employees

EquityBee Launches Stock Option Platform for Startup Employees

So you got hired in a young company that is showing a lot of potential for growth and even acquisition in the future. You got offered decent pay, a creative work environment, and good benefits. As an extra bargaining chip, you also got offered stock options. For many, this can be the clincher, the very benefit that would make them say yes.

Why not when you see a lot of potential in the company? Having stock options will let you own shares of the company in time, so if it goes big after you exercised your stocks, then you’ll be in a very great place.

The thing, however, about exercising your stock options is that you might not have enough funds to do so before the expiration. It would be a shame to miss out on such a great opportunity to secure your future but what can you do?

If you ever find yourself in this position, EquityBee can help you out. This company will help employees with stock options get in touch with investors so they can buy their options once they’re vested. They also give investors a chance to take advantage of backdoor investments in promising startups. In other words, they create a win-win situation for the parties who want to become investors of a growing startup.


It might seem complicated but EquityBee is actually quite a straightforward program. Employees and investors are just meant to sign up in their program and EquityBee will already do the grunt work for both. They will link compatible employees and investors and create a win-win situation for everyone.

The best part is that employees who wish to use EquityBee’s services do not have to cash out upon subscription. The program will charge you only when the stocks start to make profits or in case you choose to exit or an IPO.

It’s also a plus that EquityBee does its best to answer questions and address concerns about its services. As a result, you can cover all your bases before you commit to what they have to offer.

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