Envoy Launches Electric Car Sharing for Apartment Buildings, Hotels and Office

Envoy Launches Electric Car Sharing for Apartment Buildings, Hotels and Office

Electric cars became popular due to the Tesla Car brand. It’s not only fast, but it’s also environment friendly. Pair that with an Uber-esque app and you get Envoy.

This app helps ride-sharing with electric bikes, vehicles, and scooters. The Envoy helps people be comfortable regardless if they’re riding famous car brands to moderately functional cars. Envoy partnered up with Electrify America to turn Sacramento into a green, carbon-free city.

Most of the cars in Envoy are Tesla cars. They’re rented out on a per hour basis. The Tesla Model X for example starts at a rate of $27 per hour. Not shabby, considering this is a ride-sharing service. 

The app acts as a key when reserving a car. Users have to download the app and sign up. After which, they will be granted controls for unlocking or locking the car. It’s similar to the keyless unlock for cars except they moved it to a smartphone.

The Envoy vehicles are round trip vehicles and should be returned to where they were original. The reason why this is ideal for real-estate is that it provides convenience and a nice touch to the service sellers are giving to the buyers.

Users of the car are advised to charge it after use and to end their reservation in their Envoy apps. The billing continues from the point the reservation was made up until the app detects the reservation is turned off.

The Envoy app charges users on a minute basis or on an hourly basis. Users can take the car for a quick test drive or a long drive. It doesn’t matter, as long as the car isn’t damaged and is returned to its parking spot. 

The Envoy app is a great tool for electric car ride-sharing. It’s basically the equivalent of real-estate escrow in the car industry. For more information about how the app works, click here. 

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