13 Best Restaurants For Delivery and Take Out in Los Angeles

13 Best Restaurants For Take-Out and Delivery in Los Angeles

While the whole world grapples with how to handle the coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged economies, we have been forced to limited outdoor adventures as we keep the social distancing rule.

This has dramatically affected our social nature and operations resulting in several restaurants closing down or limiting their food options. However, there are still some great restaurants and joints in Los Angeles, and that offer take-out and deliveries.

Be it your favorite taco, cakes, or dripping pork chops, they have got it all figured out to make the situation favorable. Here is a list of 13 restaurants and joints in LA that offer take-out and delivery to your convenience during this time.

Best Restaurants For Delivery and Take Out in Los Angeles

1. Cure Your pasta crave at Pasta Sisters

This is probably the best restaurant for you during this period if you area a sauce or pasta enthusiast. Located in the Pico-Arlington, the Italian-themed Pasta Sisters offer you that tantalizing spaghetti, Bolognese, linguini and arrabbiata at relatively affordable prices, usually in the range of $14. My favorite pasta spot in Culver City. Yelp


2. Enjoy Antico’s Foccacia Pizza

Still, on the Italian cuisine, we bring you the Foccacia Pizza from Antico. With a vast reputation in LA for making some of the crunchiest and craggy pasta and plates, the East Larchmont-based joint would be your buddy for this season.

To sweeten the deal for you, Antico has launched a Focacceria and Ice-cream concept. Through this, the astute chef Chad Colby gives you his signature bread as the base for the large pizza, which is large enough for between 4 and 6 of you.

As an icing, you also get a 30% off on wine from Antico. A choice of six pizzas would cost you between $20-$40. Yelp


3. Grab a bite at Shangai No.1 SeaFood Village

If you are located in San Gabriel and need that Chinese themed plate, then the Shangai No.1 Sea Food Village is your best bet. Touted as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the area, you will find their food to be top-notch but will most likely be pricier than their competitors.

With the Shangai Sea Food Village, you are guaranteed that hot pan-fried rice, dripping pork dumplings, and braised pork, among other dishes. Yelp

 4. Explore the mouthwatering beef menus at APL Restaurant

Should you be in the mood to explore some beef menu in Hollywood, the Adam Perry Lang (APL) Restaurant is where you need it. With APL, you get to enjoy matzo ball soup, thick-cut bacon, and a wedge salad, among other dishes.

With the coronavirus pandemic, APL has even tailor-made honey lemon laced chicken thighs, a mega sandwich featuring a bone-in and pork chops just for you.

The good news about it too is that APL partnered with a friend to feed the needy, especially during this pandemic, by matching meals through St. Joseph Centre. In purchasing from them, you extend it to feed an extra person who is in need. APL dishes cost approximately $16. Yelp


5. Have a great treat at Little Dom’s

Don’t let this pandemic be a deterrent to enjoying your favorite rice ball. With the Loz Feliz-based Little Dom’s, you get to enjoy your favorite dish that is delivered right to your doorstep.

You get pizza making kits and great three-course meal boxes and an assortment of cocktails on the go. This little gem operates between 9 am- 5 pm every day of the week. While at it, be sure to get a pint of their gelato dessert. Yelp


6. Moo’s Craft Barbeque

If you are in Downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District, this is the best bet for your beefy and barbequed dishes.

With this pandemic, the Moo’s Craft Barbeque is offering ribs, smoked pork sausages, and brisket, among others, to your taste. Yelp


7. Lum-Ka-Naad

Maybe you have that craving for Thai food and are wondering where to fill in your appetite. Well, Northridge-based Thai food restaurant Lum-Ka-Naad is all that you need to lookup.

This restaurant remains open a wide range of la carte dishes just for you. Yelp


8. Enjoy Hot Bento Box from the Eagle Rock Brewery Public House

There is just something about the in-house smoked meat and beer laced fried batter at the Eagle Rock Brewery Public House.

For an all-day edited menu, the restaurant also incorporates Southern influences to make amazing dishes. Some of these include their cornmeal biscuits and fried chicken.

You can sample your favorite Eagle Rock Brewery cans and bottles, not to forget the fermented hot sauce, house-made ricotta, and chicken stock.  With about $15, you will have your favorite dish available for pickup.

9. Family-themed dinner at the Vespertine

This Culver City-based monolith, which would, on ordinary occasions, charge $295 and require a multi-hour commitment is serving relatively friendly and down to earth shares of their cuisine.

With Vespertine, you get six dishes packed and with two small deserts. You will enjoy their Wagyu beef brisket, which comes with griddled Indian parathas, roasted carrot salad, and roasted chicken thighs. Yelp


10. Enjoy frozen dumplings from Apt. Li Xiang

Grab some mouthwatering award-winning braised beef soup and handmade frozen dumplings from the Arcadia based Apt. Li Xiang.

This Taiwanese themed restaurant offers six varieties of dumplings to your state, some of which include ready-made for boiling, pan-frying or steaming.

With about $30-$50, you get a packet of dumplings.

11. Reach out for some dishes at the Madre

Available in both Torrance and Culver City, the Oaxacan Madre line offers you the best of taquitos.

You will find significantly customized- batched cocktails, meal-kits, and mescal by the bottle, a great companion, especially for this pandemic period. Yelp

12. The Ethiopian cuisine at the Messob Restaurant

At times, it is the little trying out that ultimately brings out the real adventure. Grab some tremendous Ethiopian cuisine at the Messon Ethiopian Restaurant at the Mid-Wilshire.

Besides their any dish a la carte menu, we would highly recommend you try out the Super Messob Exclusive, comprising a portion from each of their vast array of the menu choices at about $33.


13. Taste the ‘Frenchness’ at Papilles

Finally, we get a taste of French cuisine. In Franklin Village, Hollywood, the Papilles Restaurant is a French Bistro offering a wide array of foods to your liking.

However, it has a limited take-out menu, including chicken sandwiches, burgers, and the coq au vin.

On their menu, you get Jidori chicken thighs braised in wine, mushroom, bacon lardons, and fingerlings. Their take-out time is between 12 noon to 3 pm and 6 pm to 9 pm every day. Yelp


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