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This Fried Chicken Delivery Service Is New But Its LA-Native Chef Is Legendary


Have you heard great things about the new LA fried chicken delivery and pickup service called DFC Ghost Kitchen? If you have heard news about this setup, then chances are that you’re considering trying it out. Here are some cool facts you should know:

  • The “DFC” in the name stands for Dante Fried Chicken, and that’s because it was founded by the legendary LA chef Dante Gonzales.
  • This service’s headquarters is in the Hotel Normandie in Koreatown.
  • It began in late August of 2018 so it’s very new, and it can be found on food delivery apps from Wednesday through Sunday evenings.
  • They make deliveries in the neighborhoods of Koreatown, Mid-Wilshire, and East Hollywood. However, Dante plans to expand their delivery radius, through Grubhub, Caviar, and Postmates. You can also look forward to having them on Door Dash and Uber Eats.

  • If you’d rather pick up the food yourself because it’s on your way, you can place your order and then pick up the food at Cassell’s Hamburgers in the Hotel Normandie. You can place your order by sending an Instagram message to DFC Ghost Kitchen or by calling them at (323) 813-1424.
  • Aside from the obvious chicken, they also offer ribs with 15 spices, tomatillo collard greens, and mac n’ cheese with smoked pimento.
  • Many of these recipes used for DFC Ghost Kitchen are the versions of Dante based on his grandma’s cooking. His grandma grew in in New Orleans and she especially appreciated the cultures of Mexico and Guatemala. This helps explain why half the menu is fried chicken and meats roasted slowly, while a significant number of sides are vegan.
  • Dante calls his style of cooking not as soul food but as “Transatlantic African”. This is a combo of African, European, and Native American culture and cuisine. Dante wants to remain creative and thoughtful with his dish creations, to honor his grandma.
  • One of Dante’s most popular dishes here is the Sock-It-To-Me Fried Chicken Tenders. The strips he uses are coated in some special type of granola. Its ingredients include crusts and seeds he has found on his travels around the world, with unusual elements like Rice Krispies, Swedish crackers, and Cheerios cereals.

  • The menu also includes versions of Dante’s grandma’s coconut honey biscuits and pineapple shallot skillet rolls. It’s just that he has adjusted them somewhat to fit his own taste buds.
  • You can also try the fantastic smoked brisket, which is first coated in a chocolate cocoa powder dry rub along with 5 types of peppers. It’s somewhat like mole as a result. The smoking process lasts 6 hours, and then it’s braised in orange juice and stout.
  • Dante Gonzales started his career by throwing underground music, film, and fried chicken parties in his loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Partygoers included famous rappers, and he then launched a YouTube channel. This led to a New York food delivery service in 2009, which became popular when it was featured by the Cooking Chanel.

He raised $10,000 to set up a food truck in LA, and that led to a cookbook deal and culinary fame.

John Diep
John Diep
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