Increase Your Sales by Shifting Your Sales Focus

Increase Your Sales by Shifting Your Sales Focus

Keep in mind that increasing the sales of your products isn’t just about increasing your profits although we can agree that it’s the bottom line, pun intended. The increase in sales figures means the opportunity to achieve your business growth goals, to retain your existing customers and get new ones, and become a trusted brand in the marketplace, among others. 

With this in mind, you’re likely becoming frustrated because your sales are either tanking or plunging, either of which isn’t in your business plans. Fortunately, there are several effective strategies for boosting your product sales! 

Have a Clear Idea of Your Customer 

You’re selling products to target customers, so it makes sense to have a clear idea of who your customers are, what they like and dislike, and what their expectations are, among other things. You must ask specific questions so that your target customers have a defined personality that, in turn, can be your basis for creating effective and efficient marketing plans.  

These specific questions include:  

  • Are your target customers, mainly male or female? 
  • What age range do they belong in? 
  • What is their level of education, income earned, and lifestyle choices? 
  • What are their needs and wants in relation to the products or services you’re offering? 

The more you know your target customers, the more streamlined your marketing plans will be. Your advertisements, for example, will be more appealing to them, so your sales lead become sales conversions.  

Provide Solutions to Your Customers’ Problems 

Your target customers will buy your products and/or patronize your services on a consistent basis if and when these solve their specific problems. Your products and/or services don’t have to solve all of their problems since it’s enough that these answer some of their problems, whether it’s cleaning their cars at home or cleaning their credit scores. 

Again, you have to identify who your target customers are so you can determine their possible problems. Your proposed solutions will be more appealing when these are viable long-term solutions, not just short-term Band-Aid solutions. 

Stated in another way, people buy the benefits that products and services will give to their lives. By pointing out the benefits of your products, perhaps even point out their advantages over competing products, more people will likely buy them.  

Increase Your Sales by Shifting Your Sales Focus

Point Out Your Competitive Advantage

Of course, this strategy presupposes that you have a competitive advantage! If you haven’t identified your products’ advantage over their competing commodities, then it’s high time that you do it.  

Ask yourself, “What are the better benefits and results that customers will enjoy when using my products?” For example, your skincare products are better for skin because these are made from natural, organic ingredients.  

Have a Distinctive Sales Message 

Once you have established your competitive advantage, you should also have a clear sales message that your target customers can relate to. Your sales headline should be an overlap between your customers’ needs and your products’ benefits. 

Let’s say that your product has numerous benefits, but you have different target customers. In this case, you should create a separate sales message for every one of these cohorts.  

There are times when you have to write sales letters, such as for institutional customers. Here are tips on writing sales letters that will get your message across clearly.  

  • Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. You can then write based on what your customer wants to read instead of writing based on what you want to say.  
  • Check that your sales letter has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, usually a call to action.  
  • Write in a conversational style but avoid slangs and the like. Use short sentences and simple words while also sticking to short paragraphs. 
  • Catch your readers’ attention through compelling headlines and keep their interest by providing interesting information. 
  • Create a need for your products among your customers by asking their question, “What’s in it for me?” 
  • Ask your customers to take immediate and appropriate action at the end of your letter.  

Actually, these tips can also be applied in crafting your sales message for advertisements on traditional and digital media! 

Take Advantage of Content and Social Media Marketing 

In the Internet Age, it’s a must to use digital media in promoting your products and putting them in the consciousness of your target customers. The best thing about digital media is that most of them are free – Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as your own blogs and vlogs – while others can be availed of for a reasonable price. 

With more and more people staying connected to the Internet, your social media presence means reaching out to more prospective customers at a lower cost. You will also have more channels in selling your products, from Facebook to Amazon. Your social media accounts and official website should be the best places for your customers to buy your products. 

Don’t forget to use content marketing in product promotions, too. By positioning yourself as a trusted authority in your niche, your customers will come flocking to your store. You should provide updates on trends, useful information about the various uses of your products, and other interesting articles; think about using referrals, SEO, and links to widen your online reach.  

Increase Your Sales by Shifting Your Sales Focus

Generate Your Own Buzz 

In a crowded marketplace, standing out from the crowd is a must! The best way to do it is to generate positive buzz through these methods:  

  • Increase your advertisement presence while also ensuring that your ads provide solutions to your customers’ problems 
  • Make press releases, announcements and the like whenever something noteworthy occurs in your business, such as a new product or a unique promo 
  • Host classes, podcasts, and networking opportunities for your customers 
  • Make compelling sales presentations during industry events; avoid PowerPoint presentations as much as possible since these can seem too lecture-y 
  • Offer your customers promos, such as freebies and discounts, even when it isn’t the holidays. In other words, create your own holiday and encourage your customers to buy your products 

Your brand should be out there, so to speak, so that your target customers are always aware of your products and services. You don’t have to be flashy about it – your distinctive brand should be the foundation of your marketing plans. 

Most important, you have to ensure that your relationship with your customers doesn’t end with their purchase of your products. You have to continue building trust between you and your existing customers and, in so doing, adding more value to your products. After all, it’s easier retaining an existing customer than attracting a new one!

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