How to Switch Careers When You’re Burnt Out

Changing Careers: How to Find the Right Career to Switch To in 2019

It’s very common for people to think about switching careers. We think about working in a field we are excited about, in contrast to the dull industry we currently find ourselves in. But often this sort of job dissatisfaction changes with your mood. So how do you know if you should change your career in the first place? Which career should you choose next?

Steps to a Successful Career Change

To help you make an informed decision, here are some steps you need to take:

Is It Time to Change Careers?

Sometimes thinking about changing your career is just a passing thought. But you may want to seriously consider your career options right now if you find yourself agreeing to these statements:

  • You’re only staying in your current job because it pays well, or it gives you a prestigious title.
  • You actually hate the thought of waking up the next day to go to work.
  • You feel blah and unenthusiastic about your tasks.
  • When you succeed or fail at a project, it doesn’t really matter to you.

All these point out to a deep dissatisfaction with your current career path. When you’re with certain people, tasks, or workplaces, it’s normal. But when you simply don’t care about your industry anymore and about your place in it, or when the culture of your particular industry no longer suits you, then it’s probably time to take your career musings more seriously.

Which Career Will Be Right for You?

Now that you know that you don’t like your current career anymore, what do you like instead? This can be an overwhelming step because it feels like a wide-open quandary. How exactly do you narrow down your options?

The first step is to identify what gets you excited. There must be something that gets you going. What are you passionate about? What topics make you care? Knowing what motivates you can then help you identify the industries and jobs that can bring back the passion you’ve lost.

The next step is to do research on your motivations. Now you find those industries and jobs that will make you feel excited again. Internet searches are easy to do, and your research can then give you quick facts. You’ll know about possible jobs in other industries, expected salaries, the culture to expect, how all these can mesh with your career goals.

After your online research, go to job fairs and other career networking opportunities. Find out about job openings, and ask questions about the industry and the work.

Pursuing Your New Career

Once you’ve identified the new career you want to try out, be serious about starting the process. Go active on LinkedIn. Reach out to local businesses. Find mentors. Attend various industry events to widen your network.

You may find that your new career won’t require you to go back to school for the next 4 years. You may need some new training, but such programs may only take a few months instead of a few years. After that, you may be ready and you may find yourself looking forward to going to work instead!


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